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I am a Mother to two children, both on their own I have 7 Grandchildren 5 by my children and 2 married into the family. I have had a pretty rough life. two abusive marriages, one annulled. I Love God, It's my hope to find a man who Loves God as well, I haven't been to church in nearly a year and a half. I recently had my 54 medical procedure an Ileostomy... I was supposed to undergo reversal in a year but the doctor took everything out, colon large intestine, and alot of small intestine, so I am told, I have yet to read surgical notes. This is it, how I will be for life, I need acceptance and hopefully they are dealing with some of the same issues because empathy goes a long way.
I was Lonely before the surgery, I Live alone, I have a service/Therapy dog mainly for company now. HIs name is Halo... He is shepard/coyote mix so cute. a little overweight but my family and I are working on it. about me, I am 5'4 120 lbs, very nice body with its high and low points. I am a great friend, companion, and ultimatley Lover. I have been alone not dating now for well over a year and feel I am ready to try and find My knight in shining armor, who will except me for me, flaws and all. My Body is a shell, I live in basically for all of us. I wish I didnt have as many scars as I do but I do they are there. I have excellent measurements,( I will tell you later as we get to know each other more) I am a rare girl who Loves FISHING, but I lent my aiawa pole to my son with tackle box and it was stolen, my son hasn't replaced it as yet. I love the water any water be it crick/ stream/brook/ river/ pond/ lake/ ocean. I Love Swimming, Cannoeing, I also sew crochet,knit a bit, but crochet tons better. cook good but not great, I have my ups and downs. I can bake great. I can't BBQ at all. well thats not entirely true I just dont like hockey pucks for meals, hahahaha. I love deer meat and I eat tons of veggie dishes and pasta I am mostly Italian/german/mungrul. haha I like to have fun I like to be corted, I desire to be corted and be made of. I like flowers from the field just as nice if not better than from the florist. I am a stone collector and sea glass collector, I also collect Cobalt Blue Glass, stamps, Coins. I am an artist I bead my ownjewelry and am working currently on a line to show to retailers. I am in the process of an invention, but thats hush hush, I sing, write childrens songs stories and would oneday like to write a book about it all. I am also an artist with charcoal, pencil, monchromatics/polychromatics. I guess I am the artsy fartsy kind a girl who likes to have fun at the same time. I can stay home and enjoy a good movie or play board games I love board games. I dont have a T.V. but I do have a Laptop with netflix which works just fine for me. I have a huge Family and family ties I love my parents, and family we all the immediate family is 33 of us we all get together every month at my parents house, and party for everyone who has had a birthday coming up or recently passed we all bring a dish to passs, there is BBQ there, and we all have a great time. in the Hills of Colrain. I live in Greenfield,MASS. I am looking forward to wonderful things happening in my life. I know I will be an asset in yours if you like to be cared for the old fashioned way. I love to massage, hold hands, I like kissing in public, I love walking together "TOGETHER" NOT one in front of the other, like one is the leader and the other doesnt count, I like side by side, doors opened for me as much as possible I am a hopeless romantic, that will spill overinto my decorating, love relationship, and MY Man will feel like its not real "BUT IT IS" THATS WHO I AM. I pray God finds me a man I can share life with and most of all I am ready beyond ready to finally find out what happily ever after means. Also, i have a very serious pet peeve.... HYGIENE is very important to me, I mean it, thats HUGE in my life, pit odor, bad breath or body or butt odor is a huge turn off for anyone especially me, I am a bit of a germ a phobe. not severally but yes its there, a shower every day is a must, well groomed is nice and sweet I promise the same with be delivered unto you.
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