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I'm just going to write down some thoughts and experiences that I have had....some just general about myself and some dealing with the challenges of living with an ostomy.

I have had an ostomy for 20ish yrs now. It has had it's challenges but think I have adapted quite well. Being fit and eating well certainly has made a difference for me. I am active, friendly and outgoing. I try not to let the little things bother me.

I have a wide variety of interests from parachuting to gardening, :)) I'm retired from the military and didn't let having an ostomy stop me from achieving my goals.

If you are new to this situation and need a shoulder or advise, I'd be happy to pass on what I have experienced and learned.

Have a great day. :))

July 14 2012

How did I come to be in this state of medical malaise? lol After returning from a little stint overseas I started to become know the usual, bloody stool, constant diarrhea etc. I was initially diagnosed with UC. Haha well after several months of painful living and almost constant hospitalization, I had to have a complete colonectomy and ileostomy. Well it sure was nice not to be shitting through the eye of a needle at 50 meters, 20 times a day!! phew what a relief!! As much as I did not relish the prospect of having an ostomy, it did give me my life back. However, as most of you know that was only the beginning of the fun!! :))

More to follow....going for a quick bike ride before the temp reaches 30 degrees!!! Yikes

Wow, it's hot and humid out and sweat my a** off!! I just finished a 15 km mountain bike interval ride. Feels great!! Those who may be reading this may be wondering about my username...bodyrocker22. Well, not being very creative at the time of registering here that was the first thing that came to mind. is a website for home based workout advice. Excellent site and just happens to originate from Kingston Ontario which is a place very close to my heart as I grew up very near there. My point is that I encourage everyone, especially people with challenges like an ostomy to get into better shape. Personally, I have been very athletic all of my life. When I had my first surgery, I was in the Army and continued to do my job with no restrictions in a hard combat trade once I had recovered. I continue for another 14 yrs before retiring. I served overseas and did everything that anyone else in my trade was asked to.

Was it difficult? Damn straight it was and in retrospect I probably put more pressure and stress on myself than I needed to. But I can be very tenacious when I need to be!! That's just a more eloquent way of saying I'm stubborn!! lol

Now that I am no longer serving I still make physical fitness a big part of my life. I fewer problems with my ostomy site as I find my skin is more resilient due to my fitness level and eating habits. If I eat the wrong kinds of foods my skin becomes more acidic and I start having adhesion issues with my ostomy wafers. Also, since my skin is tighter and my belly doesn't hang out like jelly roll my ostomy has less tension on it.

So I encourage you all to eat the right foods and exercise at least moderately several times per week.

More to follow soon. :))

July 16 2012

I have been reading and responding to some of the forum posts. It has caused me to reflect on my own journey living with an ostomy. Being the strong silent type (that's code for anal retentive male with low self-esteem issues and the emotional intelligence of a slug!! lol), I have lived with my situation in seclusion and silence. Being a private person, I chose not to share having an ostomy with anyone other than my immediate family. Most of my close friends don't know that I have an ostomy. I don't recommend this method of interaction. It has made me feel isolated....actually I have isolated myself unnecessarily. I know that when I do open up to people it isn't an issue. Generally, I have had my situation met with kindness, understanding and compassion when I do choose to be open about it. It is my own insecurities that have been the most challenging to deal with. Kind of makes you go hmmmmmm!! lol

One of my greatest challenges has been marrying my need for social interaction with my desire for privacy. I am Gemini. If you take stock in such things, I am very social, like to interact on a regular basis but also have an intense need to keep my personal life private. Not an easy task. I am working on being less sensitive and secretive about my situation but it is difficult. I think some or even most of us with ostomies have an intense fear of rejection. For the most part, I know this to be unfounded. I have had significant and intimate relationships in the past and have found my own issues to be the ones that have hindered me more that those of my partners'. It shouldn't be an issue if people's hearts are in the right place.

OK, I'm off to make some chilled carrot and orange soup....mmmmmmm try it with plain yogurt vice sour cream and a garnish of fresh parsley and cilantro (coriander).

17 July 2012

Several months ago I had decided to make some changes in my life. Primarily related to nutrition and fitness. While I have always been very physically active in the recent past I had taken a break due to some injuries, then I got lazy and maybe even a bit depressed. Anyway, the end result was I had gained almost 30 lbs and was woefully out of shape. Actually, my shape was beginning to resemble that of a pear!! lol

So I took stock of my situation and decided to do something about my dismal physical condition. I love to eat but I knew that to affect change in one area required changes in other areas as well. Like my good friend, trainer and nutritionist says "six packs are made in the kitchen not in the gym". Truer words were never spoken!!

So I started to change my diet. More fruits, vegetables, whole foods and sensible portions. I reduced the amount of starches and sugars I was eating. No eating processed foods ie if there are more than two ingredients on the package that are not natural or that I can't pronounce then I don't eat it!! No eating out at restaurants especially fast food places which I was never a big fan of but just stopped even the occasional visit. No eating after 8 pm at night!! That was a tough one!!

To compliment this change of dietary habit which by the way I did not implement cold turkey, I changed it over a period of several months, I reduced my alcohol consumption and began to exercise regularly again.

Now, all of this sounds well and good but is not so easy to do or maintain. I know we all struggle with a variety of issues especially diet and exercise. Hey, it's your ass!! If you're happy filling the whole chair and munching on twinkies, fill your boots or your fat cells to more precise. Anyway, the current state of affairs for myself is I now weigh about 165-170lbs vice 200lbs. I workout sometimes 2 or 3 times a week depending on my schedule. My skin is healthier around my stoma and have gone from changing my appliance every 1-3 days to every 5-6 days. I sleep better, my attitude has become more positive and life in general is better.

Change is possible and benificial however remember it needs to be done with some intelligence and sensible planning if you are to maintain it over the long term.

Apr 12 2014

Been a while. Still rockin'!! :) Everything is going well. Have recently (last autumn) become a certified personal fitness coach. I'm keeping a regular schedule of self-care and fitness. My diet is slowly changing to become more vegetarian and organic. It's April and we still have snow on the ground this year!! Can't wait to get back on the trails running and biking. Have a good one. :)
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