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Changing my profile to "Writer" gives me a great sense of pride and accomplishment - it has been a long time coming. For so long there was an emptiness where the conflicts of my heart and soul seemed divided. Now a new era begins where I can accept this injury and the problems that came because of it - finally listening to that whisper from deep inside which told me to "Hold on..."
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m, 45
May 16th was when i started living with my permanent colostomy bag...
Illinois, United States
m, 49
I'm a curious type. I'm a gratefully alive after a burst appendix,...
Texas, United States
m, 54
Widower (wife passed away in 2019). Have a permanent ileostomy for ...
Texas, United States
f, 39
I have had my ileostomy for 9 years and suffer still with pyoderma...
Texas, United States
m, 47
I had my ileostomy created after 21 years of a poorly functioning j...
United Kingdom