.........Hi,Well I have found that life is short so you better make something of it when your here. I'am very handy with about everything,I like many sports and the outdoors and going to the gym. I'm a great cook and like cooking and like cooking for dinner parties. And enjoy hanging out and spending time with family and freinds. I have learn that life is full of adventure and possibilities and to treasure every moment you get, because in a blink of an eye it can be taken from you, and life is what you make it. I belive in truth and honesty up front because it will always come back to hunt you. I'm here to make some new friends and maybe meet that spical someone, but it take a long time to get here, so finding the right person takes time, and someone who is honest with themselfs as well, and who is down to earth and comfedent.

.........Some one who has the same outlook on life as myself.
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Love to travel
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Ileostomy from colon cancer 14 years! Total colectomy
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What ostomy? A bag after cancer. Will have a scope and if operati...
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