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Ileostomy since 1996 - Retired Musician, have a really wacky sense of Humor -I know that is my "Gift" in Life, I can make people laugh in just about any situation. LOVE to Cook (of course eat too!); Go to the Gym regularly, daily walks when weather permits! and just enjoy the outdoors. want to know more -just ask = )

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Athletic instructor
Arizona, United States
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Looking for Support
Virginia, United States
m, 57
I have a diverted loop ileostomy. I have had it 2 weeks now. As a r...
Kansas, United States
m, 37
I've had UC for 4 years and just got my bag Oct of '22. It's hard, ...
Missouri, United States
f, 52
Ileostomy after sub total colectomy didn't work. Understand , sugg...