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Hi ! It feels great to finally learn and share with others how we deal with having a urostomy. We are all real, normal people first...
I have lived with a urostomy for 42 years, since age 1. It really didn't stop me from doing what I wanted to do; I was very athletic and active when I was growing up and I have been in the Fitness Profession for 25 years. But I had to be creative and adaptive to make this work, and it was challenging and discouraging at times (how to void the bag, dealing with leaks during activities, drinking tons of water, and then more recently having periods of not being able to train because of infections). Kind of a bummer that I had sculpted a fantastic fit body but was always scared to death of going swimming, taking my shirt off, sharing my urostomy with dates, etc,. Growing up with it was hard; kids being kids, they point out differences in others and exploit them; I was always known as the "pee-bag" kid. Probably fired me up even more to kick their butt in athletics!

Recently the infections have been much more frequent (my doctor is testing for obstructions), which has meant down-time not exercising;this is frustrating because it is my profession and my enjoyment in life. The other big concern is that anti-biotics are no longer working, and I have had to use more. They have unpleasant side-effects. I drink over 100 ounces of water a day to help prevent infections, but the fear of waiting for the next one has been mentally stressful.
I'm offering advice on how to live with a urostomy for anybody who wants to know how to be physically active with one. I'm also seeking advice on how to manage the infections better; anti-biotics are complicated and troublesome. Thanks for reading, look forward to hearing/talking with others!
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