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A Bit More About Yourself: Bag for 50+ years; 8 Prescribing Doctors, Surgeries - 2 page Excel Spreadsheet. Married 28 years to same woman. Love my dogs and am facinated with "sound perception", gardening and grafting of plants.
What you expect from this site: Conversation with people that have lived the impossible life, defined as, multiple doctors have given up on you and don't know/can't explain why your still alive.
From the people you want to meet or talk to: Coping skills in life and situations to help me carry on in the face of death and the mounting odds that remain against my favor. To find others who have loved when there is no way. And still do the things that make their soul smile - despite what this world thinks of them.
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f, 46
Hi. My name is Staci. I have an ostomy with the option for reversal...
Colorado, United States
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Hi I have just recently had surgery and I now have a fistula and a ...
m, 61
61 year old male with ileostomy. 3 surgeries back in 2019 and 2020....
Illinois, United States
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Looking for Support
Virginia, United States
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Young at heart ostomate looking for partner to share events, sport...
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