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Urostomy leeking!!!!

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  Past Member
Posted: Wed Feb 24, 2010 4:49 am
Just wondering if anyone can give some advice , my Urostomy leeks nearly every night , i was going along fine for a while only a leek every second or third night but the lasy few nights i wake up to a flooded bed , basically i think its because i turn on to my side when i am asleep and the wee cant drain out into over night bag,,,i try laying on my back,, but eventauly end on my side again ,,,its really getting me down as i want to go visit my son and friends and stay over night but i cant with this happening all the time,,,
Posted: Wed Feb 24, 2010 11:51 am
I awoke this AM at 3 to a wet bed. I sleep on a pad anyway to protect my bed just in case. My flange lasts maybe 3 days if I am lucky. Today it was only 2 days. I know that the tubing pulls when I turn over on my left is so hard to sleep on 1 side or my back. I try, but it is just hard. My stoma is flush with my skin, they tried to revise it but it went further in. I have to use cement on my flange and also around my skin, then I even use an Eakins seal on that. Guess I am no help as I have the same problems you do. Nothing worse than a wet bed and yucky smell..then having to go to work early. Feel sleepy right now! Good luck, hope someone has an answer..Jeanie in Georgia
Posted: Wed Feb 24, 2010 6:30 pm
Only had 2 leaks in 2 years. As I stated before I use a one piece bag & change it every 2 days ( 48 hours) . Every bag I use only ever gets 2 sleeps. I'm lucky I dont have any skin problems .Urine is pretty invasive stuff , so I dont give it chance to eat into the Adhesive on the wafer.

After connecting my Night bag ( One of these lasts me a week) . I place the tube between my legs & under my Right knee & check that the night bag tube has no tension on it & that the tube & bag are nice & loose on the floor by the bed. I dont use a stand or a bucket or any thing .for turning & twisting you need nothing restricting its movement as you move.

Stands Etc are also a bit clinical & I'm at home now not in hospital. When I go away , I place the bag in a nice qulited cushion cover.

While I am awake I regulaly check pouch is flat & & not getting twisted.I sleep on the right hand side of the bed , as my stoma is on the right hand side.

However I do have a waterproof pad under me --just in case.
  Past Member
Posted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 12:53 am

well i been thru that the first year...and i had to find every way possible to eliminate that same ordeal...ok
1. stop drinking and soda, beer or anything carbinated after 3 pm..cause if u do ur stomach will activate, and while u sleep it comes out...

2. stay away from onions also...(acid)
3. lettuce, tomatoes

you need to doctor urself while u go thru it and try many things to see what u can do and eat or drink or so used to it...i leak MAYBE twice a year if i dont watch my dogs are the worse for me cause i get gas and it fills my bag up fast while i sleep...i try not to eat heavy at nights..maybe a fried food at nights (gas)..

hope this helps in any way...look up diets for crohns patients..and it helps with what u can eat and a its hard for me to not to taste what i prep up..but i do eat alot of veggies during my work very active in life, i swim..climb clifs, reppel off cliffs..go diving, and ready to start riding a harley again soon..

good luck talk to u soon..Autm Smile
Posted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 1:00 pm
Hawkeye thanks , but a Urostomy is different to the Poo realated ostomies eating & drinking doesnt make a lot of difference ( Apart from volume urine passed through stoma)

If I ever passed wind through my Urostomy , then I'd know I was in deep Shit!!!!
Posted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 6:10 pm
Has anyone tried not using a drainage system for the urostomy, durig the night.  I've had mine for nearly 40 years and I've never used or even seen a drain.  I just make sure I empty the contents before I go to bed and unless I've  had lots to drink I usually manage to get through the night without any problems.

Got to admit though that I change the bag at least once daily - usually in the morning - maybe twice if I know I'm going out for a drink.

I get the occassional leak but it's usually down to heat.

Posted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 10:55 am
Good Point !!. Ive never tried a nights sleep without a Drain bag . That would be quite a scary excersise for me . I would feel that the weight of fliuid in the bag  would ,at sometime , pull the bag off my belly  nomatter how strong the wafer adhesive.

I also drink quite a lot through the day, Tea , Coffee, wine , beer ETC & some times I may have a large mug of tea before I go to bed , so I think sleeping without a Drain bag wold be a big NO NO for me. I can only think that you must use a particulaly large bag.

I would also like to know why you feel the need to change your Urostomy bag once or twice a day. I change my bag every 48 hours but every 12 hours seems a bit excessive to me , wether you are going out for the night or not!
Posted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 7:33 pm
I don't use a very large bag but do get up in the night to empty it if I've had lots of fluids in the evening.

I've always changed my bag every morning.  Wouldn't like to risk going to work with one that I've been wearing longer - worried that it would peel away from my skin. I find that they do become less adhesive over the course of 24 hou rs and the paste area disintegrates.

I'm curious to know more about some of the adhesive products and pastes that people are talking about as I dont use anything special on my skin and just stick the wafer directly to my skin once dry.  I've never heard of most of the products that people have mntioned.  

Has anyone got any recommendations??

I'm afraid that I've never really tried alternative products.  Just use a hollister one piece drainable bag that i've been using for about 25+ years - before that I used a cumbersome rubber, washable contraption that had to be fitted over a flange and an uncomfortable elastic belt to hold it in place.  Than goodness I don't have o bother with the belt anymore.

Hints and tips please if anyone has any.

Posted: Sat Feb 27, 2010 3:49 am
Hi, I would get in touch with the stoma nurses from your local hospital - they will have loads of leaflets from manufacturers out there desperate to sell you their wares - or just google urostomy supplies uk online, then call them - the girls on the phones are generally very good at deciding which products may suit you.

There are products out there to take the bags off, help them stick better, make them smell better etc etc... good luck in your search! Rachel xx
Posted: Mon Mar 01, 2010 8:23 pm
I use a drainage bag and occasionally I have had the wafer pull away from my skin and had a leak.  I change my 2 part system every 3 - 5 days.  I know I toss and turn in my sleep, so just don't give up.  I have found that some lots of the wafers I use don't last as long as another lot I get.  It varies each time I open a new box.  If they pull away for whatever reason quickly I change them every 2 days wheather it needs to be or not.  Good luck
Posted: Mon Mar 01, 2010 9:37 pm
I use Hollister pouches and Cavilon no sting skin prep. The skin prep seems to make the pouches stick better'
I have fallen asleep without hooking up night drainage, The full pouch woke me up ( think water balloon YIKES ) I also sleep on the right side and toss and turn with no problems, Drainage jug on the floor right beside me. My pouch lasts 3-4 days depending on my activity. Bending way over with full pouch is asking for trouble,  I have found that two wraps around me with tubing means its time to unwrap myself..LOL

My skin warns me as soon as I get even the slightest leak around the barrier it starts itching. DO NOT IGNORE. If the adhesive starts coming loose I dont attempt another night, its change me time.
My guess is the hole in pouch is not the right size or maybe you need a convex pouch. Oh and my drain has about 1/2 gal in it every morning and no leak issue.
Posted: Tue Mar 02, 2010 12:55 pm
I had urostomy(bladder) in September 2009, and have had a few leaks but only one at night.  I use a night bag, and a catheter strap around my thigh which holds the tube to the night bag in place so that it does not twist too much.  I sleep on my back and my right side without trouble but have managed to avoid turning on my left side which would give more risk of problems, as I sleep on the right hand side of the bed.    One question I do have, as I am new to this game is how long, on average do people wear their urostomy bags (bladder) before chang;ing them?   For information I use a Coloplast Sensura one piece bag, and also fit a Demacol collar over the stoma and then the bag on top and this helps to give a closer fit and minimise the chance of leaks.   Dermol collars are made by Salts Healthcare but can be obtained from most suppliers.  Hope this helps, but will be interested in any further information as a new boy.

Posted: Tue Mar 02, 2010 2:50 pm
I think I forgot to mention , I wear PJ shorts in bed not long PJ long pants.Also my tube from my Welland one piece bag to the Colorplast Night drain bag is about 4 feet long , so this gives me plenty of  twisting & turning lee way.
  Past Member
Posted: Thu Mar 04, 2010 5:49 am
Interesting converation! Everyone is different. I've had my urostomy for two years. I have a 2 piece Coloplast- Sensura base plate that lasts 7 days and bags that I change each morning. No leaks to speak of there- just remember to check the connection each time.

At night I use a night drainage bag as I produce a litre of urine easily and 1 1/2 litres when I drink more. I connect it up in the bathroom and go through the same procedure each night. My stoma is on my right side and as I sleep on the left side of the bed, I have the bag, sideways across my stomach, pointed to the left side of the bed. I don't have it tangled between my legs, just straight over the edge of the bed and onto the floor.

I have a fair bit of movement in bed but it drains better when I face the left. I find the Coloplast Simpla S4 drains extremely well. I use it for a week, cleaning it thoroughly in the shower each morning. I don't have leaks ever...(touch wood). No mattress protector is ever used as I feel confident in my set-up. I am blessed with a well-formed stoma and have always used Eakins Seals as extra protection.

Cheers Julie
  Past Member
Posted: Sun Aug 14, 2011 1:14 pm

I have a urostomy as well and have for 11 years.  Do you use a night drainage bag?  If not that would probably help a lot.  If you do have you tried using concave plastic rings in your flange?  They can help to keep a better seal on your flange.  Hope this helps.  I usually get about 7 days out of a flange and pouch.

Buckwheat Smile
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