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Posted by Past Member, on Tue Aug 03, 2010 9:47 am
Jo, I found a new snake venom that is going to replace botox, I have never had botox yet as my plastic surgeon said not yet.  But you can buy this new venom in a cream and instead of it working like Cobroxin for pain it fills in wrinkles, so dont worry about growing old so fast.  The good Lord had to know he made a generation of women who are so vein.  Anyway I hope you got my email as I found some cool info for you, plus thanks for the chat mate, learned alot, talk soon, Love Jenny
Reply by Grammybec, on Tue Aug 03, 2010 6:03 pm
Doe, I was impressed to see you have lived with your stoma for 34 me encouragement.  Just wish I didn't have so much leakage, as it worries me to go out in public.  Would hate to have it happen when I'm out and about!
Reply by WOUNDED DOE, on Tue Aug 03, 2010 7:04 pm
beyondpar wrote:

As you can well see we are a tight group on here and have great support as evidenced by Gus,  Hey gus,  and wounded doe,  Hi Laura..............Till next post.....Michael

Hi Michael! Smile ....yes, we can definitely be a good support to each other....and after living the first 33 years of ostomy life 'alone' without contact with other ostomates, I can agree whole-heartedly on how important ostomate support is......
Take care everyone!

~Your Doe
Reply by WOUNDED DOE, on Tue Aug 03, 2010 7:12 pm
Grammybec wrote:
Doe, I was impressed to see you have lived with your stoma for 34 me encouragement.  Just wish I didn't have so much leakage, as it worries me to go out in public.  Would hate to have it happen when I'm out and about!

I have probs with leakage every once in-awhile as well though thankfully not often, also depends on what I'm eating sometimes lol ...forinstance I'm a "kraut-head" lmao and we all know what sauerkraut can do  hehee ...I eat lots of things I shouldn't but ah well...but I have never let that ostomy or any worry of leakage stop me from doing things...keeping in mind I've had to deal with it since I was ten so I learned to do all the things everyone else was doing at an early age, not really thinking about some of the concerns we have as adults....sort of 'grew into' my ostomy in some ways....I have had a very active life and still do .....  Smile  hugs to you!   Try not to let it stop YOU from doing what you want to do, it will all be fine SmileSmileSmile  ...and keep checking in with this site because there are SO many good tips from other ostomates on here that I have found helpful as well....I have learned some very valuable things / tips ...and cannot put into words how grateful I am! Smile

~Love from your Doe
Past Member
Reply by Past Member, on Wed Aug 04, 2010 11:09 am
Grammy, I know Sringfield Illinois and I know if you are a Protestant you Probably had surgery in Memorial Hospital.  But they also have good Nurses and should you call and ask for step by step instructions they should help.  Grammy I learned one thing about not getting a leak, If my husband isnt here and since yours is now in Heaven with Our Lord, then you are on your own.  Lying down to put your waffer and stoma powder and paste is a good idea, first I shower without any waffer and use dial soap to clean my skin, I wash my hair first not to get a drop of conditioner near that site.  I then wash my stoma and have going on a year and around the skin and I love the feeling of being clean, I have not had leaks, If I am home a lone I lay down on a towel and have my waffer cut and just enough skin to show that I get the waffer on without it being to large.  I pour stoma powder over my stoma first I do this once and then pat with a barrier wipe, I do it again and same thing a barrier wipe on the third time I use stoma powder I open up a new barrier.  I pat it well, I then use enough stoma paste to circle my waffer and look down at it to make sure it is centered, take a mirror to the bed if you need too, make sure your waffer is on perfect as you can get it and never worry about when you attach the bag with stoma paste if you are going to fill in the hole with the paste because you are,also make sure you use your finger to circle the stoma paste on the part where the paste needs to hold, I wait 30 minutes before I even bend, I do not need a crack or leak in my waffer. My hands are like glue when I finish and I just clean them well with soap and a wash cloth.  I do use the stoma Powder and Paste and two barrier wipes as you always have to make sure you blot with that barrier to not see any powder before you attactch the waffer.  Believe me it works so well for me that I dont need anything to take off the bag in the shower and put it in its little garbage bag.  Grammy you can also do this and if it dont work for you as I do not know what you are using, make a Stoma Nurse hear you out or go to a meeting in Illinois and learn from the other people who have stomas.  Dont stop living life after all you have overcome and Gosh enjoy the Casinos not my thing, but they have awesome food.  I do like the Horse track and my beer and peanuts but no gambling in GA.  So I have learned to give up the Horses for a state I truly love.  I still miss my Trifectas but do make a trip to Illinois once a year.  God Bless You Granny and I am so sorry about your husband, but if I can make a waffer not leak than anyone can.  I just practiced until I got it right as I am not one to give up and believe me I came close.  God be with you and enjoy your life while you have it, Love Jenny
Reply by mooza, on Thu Aug 05, 2010 8:39 am
hi jojo'slife As i am in melbourne so i use coloplast sesura 15537 ileostomy my leakages where due to having a few reversals and the site was to damaged to make another stoma so they sited it on the left side of my belly its coloplast SHALLOW convex been no leakage at all if you are a member in melbourne give us a call COLOSTOMY ASSOCIATION VICTORIA if i am volunteering in the office that day ask for mare. Also if you get the ostomy magazine i recommend it call the company's to give you samles of their pouches try shallow convex you wont be sorry hope all goes well oh the stoma settles about 3 months so it gets smaller and that will be your size mine is 25ml down from 40ml .cheers mare (mooza ) lol x
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