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Hospital Story

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Posted by lottagelady, on Mon Jul 20, 2009 6:20 am
WoundedDoe wrote:
lottagelady wrote:
Why is it all night staff wear 'clumpy' shoes?

Hospital wards at night, the noisiest places on earth ...............

Hi lottagelady Smile  "Clumpy shoes" ...oh gosh yes, isn't that the truth! lol  Let's see, clumpy shoes, squeaky carts, loud mechanical humming noises from unknown places, moans from down the hall, waking you up every 15 minutes for blood pressure upon each visit the nurses ask you why you're not sleeping then show up 15 minutes later again to take bloodpressure again...and say "You're still awake?" ... just the sound of that door opening at night and the shaft of light hitting you in the face.  Ahhh yeah.   Sorry lottagelady, you stirred one memory after the next lol.   Cheers girl!

I've stirred some more memories now! In England they wake you up at about 5.30am (just after you've managed to actually get some sleep as it is so noisy in the night!) so they can do your obs before the day shift comes on - then they leave you until about 8am before you get a cup of tea or coffee and some breakfast - how cruel is that! Supposed to be going for some more surgery, think I've decided not to bother, my body and mind cannot stand the torture.......
Reply by Past Member, on Tue Jul 21, 2009 4:24 pm
JayJay wrote:
I enjoyed reading these posts. When I was in the hospital after the operation the only machine that talked to me was the DAMM IV machine. It seemed at night everytime I finally got to sleep the DAMM thing would start beeping and wake me up. The last night I was in the hospital they changed my pain medicine from IV to a different one by mouth and it made me have the most God awful dream that the hospital was holding me prisoner and they weren't going to let me leave. Even after I woke up it seemed real that they were going to make an "example" of me and keep me there forever.

That's pretty creepy.  I think thee worst experience I've had from the meds was when I was convinced I was a floating shadow down in the morgue of the Hospital and I was drifting among dead people parked on gernies in a long quiet hall, some had sheets pulled over them and some did not. I also remember floating into a seperate room/space where all these little shiny, square silver doors were lined up and I remember feeling the horror as I watched two people open one of those little doors and pull out a drawer with a naked old man on it and he was bluish.   More detail in the memories but I will spare you, it's upsetting.    I share this only because we're speaking of what those meds can do to our brains, and wow did do a number on me.  I think I was only 13 at the time this particular experience happened.  Still somewhat vivid in my mind.  Horrifying.  I was really glad to wake up in my hospital bed and discover I was not really a floating shadow! Very Happy  But I was still horrified.  

Our posts here are yet another example of what so many people wouldn't understand who haven't been in a hospital under such circumstances and fed full of these drugs.  I'm glad for the meds because I sure as heck would not have wanted the pain in swap ...but what a bad trip!  I hope more people post their meds experiences here too, I love reading what you all have gone through.
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