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Hartmann's reversal complete

Posted by Eve_J , on Tue Mar 26, 2013 4:24 pm
Hi Everyone, i Joined this board a year ago when I had an emergency hatmann procedure after having a pelvic infection and a badly inflammed bowel, but never really got the time to post. Last Tues (19th march 2013) I had the reversal, with an epidural, and am pleased to say it was succsesful. No complications, was up and moving around slowly within 24/48 hours, 6 day stay in hospital and returned home at the weekend. I have got quite a big wound to heal, like an upside down capital letter 'T' that is currently fastened together with staples. Lots of wind started up over the weekend, but bowels were opened for first time on monday, it didnt hurt really, and looked like terrocotta soft toothpaste and very small amounts. Over last few days ive been passing very tiny amounts, a teaspoon size which is just on the tissue. Old Stoma site shocked me the most, and was just a gaping cavity, that is now packed daily by the district nurses, I honestly thought that would have been stitched. Really now have to be patient and wait for wounds to heal. the last year has certainly been a journey. I was quite suprised I adapted to having a colostomy as was horrified initialy, but am now so glad its gone and everything has gone to plan. Just thought id post this up, incase anyone is nervours who is awaiting a reversal x
Reply by Bill, on Wed Mar 27, 2013 2:29 am
Hello Eve -j.  Thank you for sharing your experiences. I am not in that sort of position but it is elightening and interesting to hear that things can and do go right for some people. Congratulations!!
Best wishes
Reply by shmily, on Sat Jun 15, 2013 3:46 pm
Your post is really encouraging to me! I am having a reversal in a week and even though I want it really bad.. I am nervous and scared! I worry about it not going right and after reading some of the post I worry about the pain! I really won't have anybody at home with me until late in the evening.. Thank you!

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