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Another Horrific Time!!!!

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Posted by Angelicamarie, on Fri Dec 23, 2016 5:55 am

Txess sorry as I read back cuppatears gave me the info, thank again my ostamate sister angelicamarie

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Reply by txess, on Tue Dec 27, 2016 2:42 am
Angelicamarie wrote:

Tex's s, sorry as I read back cuppatears gave me the info, thank again my ostamate siste angelicamarie

Best of luck to you sis Smile

Reply by Gabby2011, on Mon Jan 09, 2017 10:28 pm

Hello there Angelicamarie!


I have had many accidents while out in public.  One of the most horrific of mishaps happend while at the registration desk which was located at the front of the clinics waiting room area.  You stand in a line...wait your turn to be motioned to come forward to be seated to complete the check in process. 

I sat down at the desk, completed all the necessary paperwork and insurance needs. As I went to stand bag got caught on the desk and was ripped off. There was crap everywhere...myself...the chair and the carpet.  I was so embarresed, as everyone standing in line had just witnessed something that Im fairly certain, was a first for them.   

Needles to say...I had a few tears in the bathroom as I cleaned up. I felt most awful, for the maintenance person that had to clean that all up. 

I dried up my tears...put on my best smile and got through the rest of the day...desperatly trying... to not let anything steal my joy!

Peace and love,

Gabby 2011   AKA...Tammy

Reply by Angelicamarie, on Tue Jan 10, 2017 6:41 am

Hey  there Gabby 2011, thanks for responding to another horrific time, that is a devasting situation I think you very courageous and how you handled the situation. Of course it makes  you feel like crying, do you carry a change of clothing in your car, I do for these situations as they may  arise again. But I do give you a high five for not letting anyone steal your joy!!!! Thanks again have a great day Tammy!!!! angelicamarie

Reply by dlh2, on Wed Jun 14, 2017 10:44 am

I'm new here on the forum today. I do not have a colostomy (yet) but I will be likely having surgery within the next 2-4 weeks.

I have a ton of questions (more concerns) but I am confused about accidents, blowouts, and leakage. Are these issues due to the separation from the stoma (?) and the bag?  Or are these the bag opening up at the bottom (drainage area)?  Or are these bags failing at the seams, basically faulty bags that split open?

Sorry I'm very confused by all of the reasons why someone would have a leakage/accident. Besides adjusting to having this surgery, I have to admit, my one major concern is accidents and leakage. For me, having to worry about this happening would clearly lesson my qualify of life.  

Thank you.

Reply by Angelicamarie, on Wed Jun 14, 2017 4:16 pm

Welcome to the site dlh2, it's good you are inquiring about these things prior to your surgery. That day I had an appt at VA, I normally empty my bag prior to going into the doctor's office. This particlar day I didn't because I felt like I had it under control. Never the less, my bag over flowed. Sometimes it's because you haven't snapped your appliance all the way around. Or, the part that you empty comes loose. Anway, it was full and it had to come out.  And yes it did, I felt warm. I knew then there was trouble in paradise . I had experienced that before, a full bag, the warmness and a big mess. Dhl2, you may never have a leak depending on your body and appliance.  I use hollister supplies. However, your surgeon may use another supplier. When you have your surgery different manufacturers will give you samples and you'll decide what's best for you.  You'll learn your body and pay special attention to what work for you.  Now and then I may have small accidents but nothing like that episode where I had to rid myself of all my clothes. I also put a shower liner underneath my sheets and above the sheets I sleep on disposable bed protectors . But by Gods grace, I haven't had no big episodes. I hope I have answered  some of your concerns.  It's been two years for me. I like to call this the green mile.  We may have different reasons for getting the surgery but we all wind up at the green mile connection like family. Here. there are veterans. Meaning, some of our members have had theirs for 50 years or more, while some were born with ostomys and some over 20 years . So there's help with questions concerning all problems or issues. We here on this site have endured all the things that you are just experiencing. Good luck to you!!! Angelicamarie

Reply by Immarsh, on Sat Jun 17, 2017 1:33 am

Hi Angelica,

Once you've h ad a mortifying accident....the next one isn't so bad.   I've had many, and have coped with them over the years.   i blew a seal, sitting in a theather, and I was afraid to get out of the seat.....concerned that I'd leave a trail.   I was the the tape held the leak in, but I had to remove the pouch and seal, clean up, and put the dirty one back on ( with tape) because in 50 years, I've never carried supplies with me.    Another mess happened, when I wa working at school.  Thankfully, it was at the beginning of my lunch hour.   I signed out, found a surgical supply store, used their bathroom, and cleaned up before going back to school.  Did that teach  me a lesson....Nope.   Well....sort of.  Now I always travel with tape.   Love your attitutde Angelica.   Have a great time on your vacation, and if you don't have the right bathingsuit in texas, just wear cut off jean shorts, and a t shirt.  

Best regards



Reply by Immarsh, on Sat Jun 17, 2017 1:49 am

Hi "d"    Don't let the "horror" stories about leaks, get to you.   Humans leak!   I remember waiting at the bus stop, long before I had my ostomy doing that " I have to pee" dance.   I've been waiting for a train, and realized that I had bled through two tampons and a pad, and blood was rumming down my leg, ( from my period).   When you have an ileostomy, feces runs through all the our pouch fills up after eating....I may leave a restaurant fine, and 10 minutes later, need to empty.  But I've had 50 years of experience with this and give it very little thought.  Major leaks happen when the flange, disconnects from the skin.   However, the bottom spout has been know to snap open, or the flange may snap off of the pouch.   I generally use the bathroom before leaving the house, and run a finger around the flange, to make sure all is dry.   If you have a colostomy, you may have a different set of issues.  Many people with a colostomy, choose to irrigate ( with water) so that they evacuate waste at a prescribed time.   I think it takes about an hour, once a day, or every other day, to cleanout your system.   People who don't irrigate, can have ( firm) feces, coming through at any time.  That can sometimes, push off a flange.   Discuss these issues with your doctor, who may not be much help.....but definitely make arrangements with a Stoma Therapist, who will help guide you through the different steps and the different supplies.   You can do your own research on the computer, as many people have posted how they change their ileostomy pouch, and how they irrigate ( with a colostomy).   Don't let it scare you off if it seems too medicinal, or it takes too long.   I'm a " 5 minute) change gal....10 if I'm taking a shower.   Some people spend a lot more time, doing prep work, drying the skin, spending time without an appliance one.   Its really very individual, and there's no right or wrong way to do things.   Whatever works well for you is fine. 

Best regards, 



Reply by dlh2, on Mon Jul 10, 2017 9:44 pm

Thank you very much for your feedback/info. Every bit helps. Yes, every bit continues to scare me and I definitely wish I didn't have to go through with this - but I don't really have a choice...and, who knows, my quality of life might be significantly different but maybe significantly better.  

Thank you again!!!!



Reply by Immarsh, on Tue Sep 26, 2017 4:56 am

Hi All,   Thanks for all the great STORIES.. While not pleasant when happening, getting through the situation, helps us plan for the next time and proves what strong survivors we are.    My first horrible experience, was as a 13 year old kid, alone in  the hospital.   I hadnt' had my surgery as yet, and had virtually no control.    The phone booth ( no cell phones back then) was at the end of the hall, and I usually called my parents in the evening.  I was on the phone chatting, when the "urge" overcame me, so I dropped the phone and tried waddling back to my room/ bathroom holding in what I knew was going to be an explosion.   I didn' make it....and halfway down the hall...the custodian called out   "   No problems, honey,  I got your back",    And he was cleaning up the floor as I was moving along.   He was so matter of fact about the whole thing, that I learned at an early age, to take surprise, inconvenience, and disruption in stride.   It served me well through the years....& many other " accidents"> 

Reply by Scout Finch, on Sat Feb 17, 2018 8:03 pm

I've had three bad incidents--of course two of them just HAD to occur at work--but I'm able to laugh about it later. Although my stoma isn't permanent, I have come to realize that having a dark sense of humor has really helped me. Last weekend at home I had emptied my bag and gone back downstairs. About 10 minutes later, I noticed a splotch on the dining room carpet and realized I had forgotten to close up the bottom of my bag. As I'm cleaning it up I start laughing at the thought of rubbing my nose in it and going, "Bad girl!" 

Reply by Angelicamarie, on Sat Feb 17, 2018 8:32 pm







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Reply by Angelicamarie, on Sun Feb 18, 2018 4:34 am

Scouch Finch

Accidents do and will occur with a stoma at least you were home, but among the public it's rather
humiliating . Sounds as if you dusted your knees off and made it through that. At home yes it's ugly but
No one knows. Look forward to your up coming reversal, good luck, hope it's sucessful.
Thanks for your comments! Angelicamarie

Reply by estrogen, on Mon Apr 09, 2018 4:05 pm

Before I had my ostomy I suffered from colitis and had some terrible accidents in public accidents. Once at a Publix supermarket with everyone around and shit running down my legs as I ran to the bathroom.Of course I had no change of clothes. Another time at Walmart in the checkout line...the cashier just stood there and watched,I said go get me a towel ,I will pay for it. She couldn’t have moved any slower...again this was in front of a line waiting to check out. I was mortified. So when I got the ostomy I felt some relief in having more control over it. I’ve only had one accident since then and it was at home. What a way to live !


Reply by Angelicamarie, on Mon Apr 09, 2018 4:26 pm

G'afternoon estrogen, yes its can be rough, but you dusted your kness off and kept it moving. thanks for sharing! Angelicamarie

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