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Reversal 3 weeks post op

Posted by Katy3943, on Sat Dec 31, 2016 11:36 am

Happy new year to all!


Had reversal surgery 3 weeks ago and seem to be doing quite well!  Had surgery on Wednesday and was home on Monday after things started "moving". As not to bore with details I would love to answer any and all questions about reversal surgery for those who want them!

I can say having an epidural helped immensely with post op pain

I want to thank my surgeons for saving my life and the ostomy nurse who helped me emotionally get through it!


I would like to acknowledge my husband-who never once turned his head but jumped right in to learn how to better help me through having an ostomy. As we all know it is just as emotionally challenging as well as physical.  He never made me feel like less of a woman and told me every day how beautiful I was.  


And most thanks to members of this sitefir all your support 

 really wanted to post thank you'd

Reply by CharK63, on Mon Jan 02, 2017 1:17 am

Hi Katy,

i had my reversal in May and I was still bleeding from the old stoma site in October. My ppo ordered a catscan and they found 2 hernias which I had repaired and am due for my 6 week release appt. next week with my surgeon. 

The hernia repair was done laporoscopically so I only had 3 small incisions that were glued that I had no maintenance on. My bleeding stoma had stopped during the month I waited for a appt.


surgery date. 


Then what hat do you know I started bleeding again a few days before Christmas! Oh! I was devastated thinking I would have to have another surgery. After all it seems serious to me since I'm out of takedown surgery almost 8 months. 


But my surgeon eon told me to apply "PRESSURE" to stop the bleeding and keep my appt. That seems completely crazy but I don't want to have any more surgeries so I'm just praying that she didn't blow me off and all will be good. 

I can't say this has been a good Christmas for me. I have had a 5 lb weight limit from hernia surgery and then this scare. I'm so tired yet I want to do the normal decorating and celebrating things. 

In hindsight I would've been better off not attempting all the Christmas fluster instead of faking it and thinking I could handle it all as long as I rested regularly throuout the day. Now I have all this crap to put back and I have to admit I am just not myself. How long before we really can put this behind us. 

I envy you  for having your husband. It would be so good to share the load! I have my mom but in fact she creates a lot of extra work for me. Beyond that her hearing has gotten so bad that she doesn't understand what I'm going through. 


Ive got to take a hiatus right here and now so I can regroup and get my mind on track toward wellness. The caregivers number one responsibility is to take care of yourself so you can take care of others. I want to be here with my mom and I'm glad I'm able to though I'm aware it is not an easy road. She is doing very well in my care and I'm proud of both of us. 

And sorry but I didn't realize I was so far down when I started writing but I thank you and this site for giving me the means to clarify my thoughts and tribulations. By knowing the problem I can fix it. 

Thank you and have a happy New Year. 

Reply by Bill, on Mon Jan 02, 2017 5:45 am

Hello Katy.  Thanks for sharing your good news. It is so nice to hear from people wo are doing well post op and We wish you continued progress in the coming months and years.

Best wishes


Reply by Bill, on Mon Jan 02, 2017 5:52 am

Hello Charlotte.

Thank you for posting your thoughts and feelings about your situation and circumstances. It is hard enough being a carer, without having to cater to your own needs as well as someone else's. I'm so pleased that you recognise how a site like this can help clarify your own thoughts and help you to keep focus on what is important in life. As ytour quite rightly say. Once you know what the problem is, it becomes much more likely that you will be able to fix it.

Also, it does help if you have someone to share it all with and I hope you feel you can do so with us so that we can respond as best we can to your posts.

Best wishes


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