Significant rectal bleeding - need advice!


Hello everyone, first post here... I've had a permanent ileostomy for 6 years as a result of beating colon cancer. Now I know that mucus and discharge are common from my rectum, but the last few weeks I've been noticing a significant amount of blood. I am extremely active and feel good, but this blood issue has me worried. Any thoughts on this?

Thank you everyone for being here, and as soon as I settle down, I will give a proper introduction to you all. I'm just extremely unsettled right now.


Hello brightblack33.  Sorry to hear that you are having bleeding problems. I sounds as though it is past the time for a trip to the doctor's to get the problem identified properly. There are many reasons why this might be happening and some of them may well be nothing to worry about. However, these are also symptomatic of things that might be much more serious and it is only prudent to have it checked out properly. If you have had colon cancer previously, then you will know that it is better to catch this sort of condition at the earliest opportunity and get it treated post-haste. 

Please let us know how you get on!

Best wishes


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I will definitely get in touch with my doctor. Thank you so much for the reply, Bill.


Yes, I have. It hurt so bad I couldn't sit. So I popped it. It was inside my rectum. I'm having a CAT scan done Tuesday because my belly itches real bad and starts bleeding.


I agree with Bill. 100.

I don't have cancer. I have Crohn's for 35 years, which resulted in an ileo two years ago. Now, the discharge you speak of, I went through it. The blood, bright red. I noticed if I work or stand or become too active, the bleeding continues. Now, I do use a steroid foam enema which helps daily, but again, if I'm too active, I can still bleed. Since you said you were very active, I would kick it back a notch and see your doctor. In my case, stress of being on my feet aggravates the rectum. Someone else agreed with me on this. So, your issue really needs attention. Some troubleshooting. Then, you adjust. Good luck.

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Definitely agree with Bill and Warrior. Please go see your oncologist or colorectal doctor as soon as possible. May not be anything but being a little overactive but with all of us here, we all know things can go bad quickly!

Best of luck,



Hello Warrior-

Thank you for your advice, as you can probably assess from the tone in my post I'm a bit rattled - your response/advice definitely means a lot...


Puppyluv56 -

Yes, I will definitely follow your advice. Thank you so much for your knowledge and perspective. Things can get lonely when you're scared.




Your welcome. Good luck.