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Anybody Seen Any Good Stoma Area Tatoos?

This is the best website for people with an Ostomy. So much understanding.

Hi Gang,

 Xnine's post with the pic of his younger self holding the CANCER sign over his ostomy bag got me thinking.  It might be kind of cool to have a tatoo on your abdomen that uses the stoma/ostomy bag and I'm sure by now someone has done it.  So if you've seen or know of any cool stoma related tatoos please share.  Maybe an arrow pointing to it that says DO NOT ENTER or ONE WAY STREET or Please Don't Feed the Monster......you know what I mean.  Never wanted a tatoo, but finding something interesting regarding my shitbag and hole in my abdomen might convince me to get one.  Looking forward to the replies on this one.........



Oh yeah, I should mention I've already Googled "Stoma Tattoos" and "Ostomy Tattoos" and didn't see anything that was any good.  Just Tramp Stamp type graphics. 


Hey Bob, you got me thinkin' and kinda interconnected with the BEAUTY post by Bill.  How about petals and then green leaves surrounding and connecting to the stoma like a magnificent flower.  In the eyes of the beholders we might hate that thing on our bellies or revel in it's beauty as the savior of our lives.  I prefer the later.



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Define 'Tramp Stamp type graphics' please, unless you mean any type of gender lgbtq persons personal  choice

of body art type tattoo anywhere upon their body other than around an 'artificial orifice'.

Get a life and stop stereotyping folk who choose what to do with their own body, it's not their fault you're just sad.



Hi Mike,

 Certainly!  There could be some pretty cool designs made to feature the bag or the stoma........so it will be interesting to see what folks come up with.  Maybe some red text on top of it that says "In Case of Loss of Cabing Pressure Remove Bag and Press Red Button"............or something silly like that.  Hey Sky-Ho........what do you think?




I think I need someone 2 help me load this pic as I have one of a tattoo of an ostomy bag on ones stomach.  I cant get it 2 load.



  Easy girl.......somebody sure got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.  Here's the definition, and if you knew what it meant you'd know I wasn't serious.......as it's placed on the lower back, not on the front, my dear.  If you still don't get it take it up with Merriam-Webster. 

tramp stamp:


Definition of tramp stamp"
informal, sometimes disparaging : a tattoo located on a woman's lower back. Many a college kid came home from spring break, football weekends and out-of-state summer internships with university logos, tramp stamps (lower-back tattoos) and sorority/fraternity letters.— Ginny Graham; She now finds herself embarrassed by the original tattoo, in part because … lower-back tattoos have come to take on a derogatory name: the tramp stamp.— Hayley Krischer

First Known Use of tramp stamp
2004, in the meaning defined above




Interesting story behind this one (he doesn't have an ostomy but his wife does).


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w30bob- How about "Do Not Disturb"



  That's pretty cool.  I never thought of a loved one getting a "bag" tattoo to support his spouse.  Way cool.




Bagface (that name still cracks me up) that's a good one.  Or how about "In The Event Of Food Poisoning - Remove Bag and Drink Contents".  Yeah, that's gross.  But it is what came to mind......and I'm known to speak what's on my mind. 




I remember Someone posting  an Outhouse tattoo all around the stoma. Pretty appropriate! Haha



Just saw this on another post about tattoos and Stoma’s. how cool Semi Colon! Haha


Very cool. Next will have to think what about that to do with that railraod track vertical scar we all seem to have, as well. I'm thinking the obvious tat is a large zipper. 




That railroad track would be great and of course you have to have the train! Maybe a train wreck at the stoma! Haha I think all most of bodies are definitely a train wreck from so many surgeries! Lol


w30bob wrote:

Very cool. Next will have to think what about that to do with that railraod track vertical scar we all seem to have, as well. I'm thinking the obvious tat is a large zipper. 




How about the saying "Here Comes Trouble" with  an arrow pointing to the stoma.



  Yeah, that would be apropo!  At least fellow ostomates would "get it", as well as the smarter folks in the population.  The other one I thought of was "Do NOT Press the Red Button!!", but that would only work if you wore a clear bag. 




Hi Bob I was just looking at different things online and I saw this bag cover and I thought of you. If you are still thinking about a tattoo this is a cute one,  I could not get the picture to copy so here is the link if you want to look at  it



Hi Lovely,

  YES!  Now that's what I'm talking about..........those are great!  That page is now bookmarked.  Thanks for finding that!!




That cover is really cute! Lol


Thought you might be interested.




X.....that's priceless!






It's really really hard not to laugh when you look at that!  What a chick-magnet!  Ya gotta love it! Thanks X!



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