Need Recommendations for Alternative 1-Piece Drainable Bags with Sturdy Plastic Clip


Hi, the problem that brings me here is a repeated defect with my one-piece Convatec pouches. I've been through about 5 boxes (50 pouches), maybe more. I feel like I was having issues last summer, too, so I've probably been putting up with this for a while, and today I decided I was DONE with them.

The pouches otherwise wear great, I get long life out of them, usually at least a week, which is why I have stuck with them. HOWEVER, there's a good chance each new pouch will have tiny, undetectable (until they leak) defects where the bag is glued to the top of the wafer. Tiny, tiny leaks that are not a big deal, I wrap some TP around it, and it's not very messy. Doesn't get to my skin or affect the seal. Just makes me smell sometimes and annoys the fire out of me. Weighed against the pain (and expense) of changing out my (usually brand new) pouch, I just put up with it.

I've called my supplier (Edgepark) and I've spoken with Convatec folks. Everyone is always very nice, they send replacement boxes. Those leak the same way. I've gone through it repeatedly. I give up. They have a product that I want to love, but I can't.

So I went to the Edgepark website to see options... Thousands. And not a good search filter system. Ugh.

Anyone have a recommendation for a 1-piece drainable, not Convatec, that has a sturdy plastic clip to close and is comparable to the Active Life (I think that's what it's called). I can't with those bags that have a closing device built in. I only feel secure with a big separate clip.

When I call to talk to the folks at Edgepark, they're nice, but they are just there to take orders. They can look up specific models all day, but not something vague like my request that requires actual hands-on knowledge. ANY AND ALL HELP MUCH APPRECIATED, THANKS!

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Hi Ross,

This is very much trial and error unfortunately. I've been using Hollister products and finally found one that's been working for me. I tried Convatec samples, for me I felt it didn't work out. If the style you're using works (stays on etc.) then try to find one similar. I would go online and try some free samples. Ask for a free catalog online (even from Edgepark).

I'm sure you'll get other helpful support asking you questions. Good luck, this is a resourceful group here...mountain.

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Where are the leaks in the bag? At what point do the leaks happen during your wear time? 7 days wear is a long time... Could it be they are wearing down? Or a zipper or pet claws making the holes.

I use Coloplast 15821... No filter. Nice bag.


Hi RossNC

It definitely sounds like you got a bunch of defective bags. Make sure your supplier or Hollister replaces them. Also, there have been many discussions lately about Hollister and how they manufacture their bags. Apparently, they are making their bags thinner now and many have complained. I am also a 'one piecer' and wear Coloplast.


I also want to say, I very rarely get defects in these bags, but I did notice you do not like the clip attached and it does... The pros are you never lose your clip. The negative is if it is not tightly rolled, the bottom leaks from the clip area... I have not found the perfect bag! Maybe one day...

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Hi RossNC, I don't use the one piece but you can look up One Piece online and contact the different suppliers, and they will send you samples to try. Good luck


The leaks are along the seam where the bag is glued to the top of the wafer. It's not a wear issue, the leaks appear within hours of putting on a new pouch. Doesn't matter if I've been sitting at my desk, lying in bed, or driving my car. (I don't do a ton of vigorous exercise, those are the usual options.) There's no pet, and no possibility it is a zipper. Nothing comes in contact with this area. It's a manufacturing defect, a known one, because I've complained enough times at this point. :(

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I had this problem about 5 years ago with Convatec with my 1-piece drainable pouches. I had/have been using their product since '95 with no issues. As NewYorktorque said, the manufacturers are making the pouches thinner, trying to save a buck. It's all about quality control.

I had emailed Convatec with a very well-written letter and they called me 30 minutes later. They sent me several samples and the next few boxes of pouches all had the same issue. It seems the weld of the actual pouch to the wafer was weak. And waste would seep through those weak points. Just enough to make a small mess or smell as you described. Convatec even sent me a biohazard box to send them the used leaky pouches so they could "inspect" them. Their findings were "inconclusive." Shocker. But obviously, the person I talked to knew there are occasionally issues with quality control, less material, etc, etc. And they asked for the batch number of the pouches so they could find out when and where they were made.

I kept hounding them until they fixed the problem. Now, I inspect the welds on all my pouches and if there is the slightest issue like the weld not being centered, I call Convatec up and complain. It might seem petty to them, but I don't like having leaks and smelling.

Keep calling them and give them hell, in a nice way if possible... lol I'm stubborn so I haven't changed products. But as everyone above is saying, call the different manufacturers and ask for free samples by saying you're thinking about changing brands. They will be happy to send you some. Hang in there.



So sorry you are going through this. We depend on our bags and they are expensive!

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I have always used the two-piece from Liberator. It gets me at least a week, and I drink carbonated beverages.


This is the Coloplast I used to wear. It does not have a clip attached to the bag. Coloplast Assure 12660 - no filter standard wear - cut to fit -
1-888-726-7872 Coloplast for samples


Thanks, everyone, for your replies. Much appreciated!


Considering how much we pay for a zip lock bag crazy glued to your abdomen, we have the right to be the squeaky wheel!


You are funny! 

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