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Blow Out


I had another blowout last night. I have no idea why this happens ever so often. My skin is irritated from the poop being on it. I have tried zinc oxide, nystatin powder, and the calamine lotion. I don't want to go to a doctor with this Covid-19. Hoping someone has a good solution.

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maybe you waited too long to change it?? that has happened to me


Try wearing a belt at night. It snugs everything up,  I haven't had a leak / pop off since I started wearing a belt.


Do you use amy kind of skin prep or stoma powder  to proteck the skin.


Yes I use stoma powder.


No it was changed on Friday.


You are not using them all at the same time? Area must be complety dry before you put the flange on. I use a skin prep and when I put my ring on I use an empty tape roller and steam roll the ring on tight, others use some heat. Small leak last night just before bed, it was contained,  and that was 9 days since the last flange. If you are  doing stuff during the day to raise a sweat that can reduce ware time.

Take care lots of helpers on here.


Thank you  I do use heat also. Microwave a rice bag.  I did only 12 minutes on the treadmill, then showered in the morning.  I just need to heal my skin.


I use cavilon 3m spray at the base of my stoma out about 14 to 1/2 inches.  After you spray this area, wipe  off outside the 1/4 to 1/2 inches or the flange will lift off.   I then dry the area with a hair dryer and repeat the procedure 2 to 6 times depending on how the skin looks.  I then apply coloplast protective sheets (3210) cut to 1/4 inch around the base of my stoma and in any potential areas that may create creases when I bend over.  Then I use the circle piece of waffer (I cut out for my stoma) and cut this in 2 half moons and apply to both sides of my stoma.  Finally the wafer (with a small circle of paste)  is applied and I'm good to go.  Though it seems like a lot of work it takes me less than 5 minutes.  I do this after a shower and pre cut everything ahead of time.  I would also change my appliance a day sooner until the skin heals.  My skin was really irratated 10 years afler i got my stoma but has been good for about 20 years since I started doing this.   Hope some of this helps

Take care.......Brian


Hi D,

  So we're all on the same page..........can you run thru how you prep and apply your barrier, starting from when you take off the old one?  Also, where exactly is your stoma located (relative to your belly button)....and lastly, what shape is it (inny, outy, flush, small, large, etc)?



Oh boy you got the double whammy.  A blowout and irritation.  Obviously you've tried a few remedies without results.  If it persists it may be worth your while to seek medical help to rule out infection.  I hope you get relief soon.


My stoma is on the upper right side ,Under my boobs, where there is a scare from removal of my gall bladder. I clean with nyltac  soap and water  rinse, dry powder , then spray. apply ing and 2 piece bag. put on heateed rice bag.


I had weekly blow outs & slept sitting up it sucked! Then I found I needed a convex system! No one ever suggested that, I had to find out on my own 🤬

now I haven't had any problems for 5 months. 
I hope you find a solution, I know how miserable that is!

best of luck 🤗


Hi D,

  Ok.......sounds like your stoma is located pretty high up on your abdominal wall.  They go in for the gallbladder at the base of the ribcage.  I'll assume they put your stoma in an actual abdominal muscle and not in the tendon between two of them.  Let's go thru a few more questions;

What shape is your it a nice rosebud like the pretty pictures you see if you Google "stoma" or something different?

Is your stoma flush with your skin, or does it stick out a bit?

I've never used the Nilac adhesive you need it?  Meaning when you peel off your old it sticking that good to your skin that you need to use an adhesive remover?  Do you have residue from the old barrier/ring on your skin after you peel off your old barrier?  I'm trying to get a feel for how well your barrier normally sticks to you when you don't have a leak (and I don't mean the adhesive portion....I mean the ring).

After you put your stoma powder on you say you use a spray.  What spray do you use?  

When you put your ring you stretch it out at all before applying....or just put it on in the shape it comes out of the container?  

After you put your barrier on over your ring (but before you've attached the bag) do you apply pressure by cupping your hand over your stoma for 45 to 60 seconds to let your body heat mold the ring to your body's contour.........or do you just put on the ring, then barrier, then bag and then hold the heated rice bag on the whole shebang?  

Thinking more about where you say your stoma is located........the area just below your ribcage is where you body flexes, or works like a hinge when you bend forward.  If you put your hand on the bottom of your rib cage and bend forward you will feel a lot of movement going on in that area.  That being said......barriers and rings don't work well in areas that flex and move.  I learned that the hard way, as I'm sure most others have as well.  Put your hand around your stoma and lean forward.  Do you feel a lot of movement of the skin around your stoma.....or is it pretty stable?

I'll be interested to hear your answers to the q's I asked above.  

One last often do you get leaks, and at what time interval since your last barrier change?  If I told you that you had to bet your life on the time interval that you would keep your barrier on to guarantee you didn't have a leak......would you say 1 day.....2 days.....???  Or are your leaks and blowouts so random that there is no good answer? Hang tight, we'll sort this out.




ok, silly say you clean with soap and water, what soap ?? this may seem trivial but 95% of all soaps contain oils or perfumes. i use ONLY yellow dial soap, i know people who have doubled their wear time by switching to dial.   sometimes its the small things that make a huge difference. good luck :)


Thank you it is a liquid soap. I ordered some Cavilon. Some kind person one here told me it helped her. Fingers crossed Yes it is up high. It is rosebud like and flush with the skin and oval. I use a powder that is antibiotic now Nystin I think it is. . Niltac is in purple pouches. Spray is to make it stick. I do mold the seal.  Blow outs are spiratic. No rhyme or reason.

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