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Parastomal hernia and treatment


living with a, parastomal hernia, as anyone had treatment if what was the outcome

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I have had two repairs first one did not last more than a year .. the second it has been about 16 years.. there is still a small hernia but I cannot see it .. when I was having a colonoscopy they let me know.Find a surgeon that had experience with these type of hernia repairs. The first one was the size of a catalope! It happened after I had 2 children very close together.


Hi john1947  I have not had that problem, but just wanted to wish you best. Hope you can find some answers. Stay safe


Hi there, I had two repairs within 5 years of each other, I had a mesh repair by a very qualified surgeon but come to find out if you have Chrons disease your body somewhat rejects mesh implants or foreign bodies, that is how my parastomal was repaired. I became very ill last year and the mesh had infiltrated my small intestine I was very sick, he removed all that and relocated my ostomy  to the other side, just a caution.  I was in lots of pain through this. If you can hold off, I would try and live with it if you can. My situation is different but just wanted to give you some insight, use hernia belts for ostomy if you can.


I get granulomas with absorbable stitches, so had to have an extra surgery to remove the granulomas. I  can only imagine what a mesh implant would do. My peristomal hernia is large and I have to wear a belt to function. My intestine is in the hernia. The advice I have gotten is, if I have symproms that are acute, call an ambulance and go to ER because I may need emergency surgery. The ER will give tests to decide what to do. In the meantime it is watch and wait. My best advice (which I wish someone had told me) is: Start wearing an ostomy belt when you first find out you have a tiny peristomal hernia. Don't wait until it has grown! l don't want you to be looking at what I am dealing with now. 


Mines about the size of a baseball now.  It didn't help that I gained some weight although I'm not obese.  I could just kick myself for gaining it all back; what an opportunity after losing 35 pounds when sick!  Anyway, it's getting worse.  They put in a biological mesh at surgery and another one about a year later.  Neither held.  I'm not sure what to do next.  I'll be on Medicare next year.  I have a colostomy from divirticulitus and it's pretty far down do I'm thinking plastic mesh might work without rejection.  Thoughts?

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