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Not long after I’d had my ostomy surgery, I started thinking about what sort of a collection I could start amassing. I wanted something to focus on other than my battered body, and I’d never had a collection of anything since my mother, when I was off in college, tossed my prized baseball card collection into the trash, a heedless crime for which I never forgave her. The value of that collection would have allowed me to retire ten years before I did. Anyway, I settled on collecting “Three Monkeys.” The concept of “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” had always fascinated me. I’ve now got a nice little collection, an example of which is in a photo I’ve just added to my photos here. It’s rendered in heavy porcelain and has a prominent spot in my office.

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I have seen them with 4 monkeys, do no evil. 

xnine wrote:

I have seen them with 4 monkeys, do no evil. 

Yes, that's a subsequent addition to an age-old maxim.  Too bad more people don't take it to heart eh?  

HenryM wrote:

Yes, that's a subsequent addition to an age-old maxim.  Too bad more people don't take it to heart eh?  

Hmmmm.........I thought humans killed all the monkeys.......are there still a few around?  Real live ones???  The monkeys got me thinking........with all the goings-on in the world these days I've often wondered why we tolerate all the criminals and wrong doers out there.  Imagine how nice a place the world would be if we didn't need locks on anything, or didn't have any reason to bear arms.....if people would just respect each other.  And those thoughts always lead to me to question of why we don't REALLY punish the SOBs who make our lives so miserable.  Why not capital punishment for any felony?  Ok, make that any second offense initially (for those who believe people really change).  It works in other countries, so why doesn't the rest of the world follow suit?  I can't wrap my head around why we have to deal with second and third offenders for anything.  One time....ok, so people make mistakes.  But after that those people need to go away.  Let's have a grace period first.  Set every felon and suspected criminal down (and inform the general population via normal media channels) and explain to them in no uncertain terms that if they screw up again........they're gone.  Not as in to a nice heated/cooled facility paid for by those who work for a living.....where you watch cable TV all day and can study to get a degree.  I mean GONE.  Think Soylent Green.....or dog food.  Sure, there would be an initial first wave of people that had to be made examples of........those who, no matter how well you explain it, just don't give a shit.  But once they're six feet under word will spread quickly and the rest of the assholes will fall in line.  And if that were the case......holy shit Batman......we really wouldn't need police!  Maybe a few more undertakers initially, but once things settle down it would be so wonderful.  No crooks, no scammers, no rapists, murderers, thieves, domestic! Heck, throw white collar repeat offenders and most lawyers in the mix as well!! (Ok, just kidding about the lawyers....we all know what an honerable job that really is....ahem)

Oh.....sorry, I just woke up!  Henry's monkeys got me daydreaming about a nicer place........I didn't just say all that out loud, did I?  Oh my.  My bad......I wasn't considering all the people such a world would put out of work........prison guards, locksmiths, security guards, mall cops, private detectives, prosecuters, bail bondsmen, judges, stenographers, donut shops, etc.  Shit, half the world would be jobless all because of my stupid idea........what the hell was I thinking?  Maybe we should thank all the criminals for keeping so many others employed.  What a freakin' wacky world we live in.  And all this from 3 or 4 monkeys!  Now where did I put my meds........I need some more! (wink, wink)

Guess who's back.....



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