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Ostomy clothing

This is the best website for people with an Ostomy. So much understanding.

Hi all,

I hope everyone is safe and well. I can't wait for my shielding to finish on 16th August.... nervous, excited, worried and happy all at once. 

I wanted some help with clothing for people with stoma's. Something suitable to swim, exercise and casual clothing. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

Thanks all. Stay safe.xxx


Have a look at the vanilla blush website. They have some great stuff on there.x

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Hi Zed,

I can only share my experience and most of the clothes I use to wear are still an option with the exception of jeans for me. They just aren't fitting me as they once did. They are either too low on my hips or way to high on my waist. I might of just out grown them too. I prefer loose fitting clothing these days.

Best wishes

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Try ostomysecrets.com

NJ Bain wrote:

Try ostomysecrets.com

Ostomy Secrets has good clothing, but they may not ship to the UK (they don't ship to Canada). Vanilla Blush has great clothing and hernia support products; I would definitely give them a look. Their hernia products can be covered by the NHS too. For casual wear, yoga pants are my favourite; for something dressier, you will have to find pants that don't interfere with your stoma - that will be trial and error. Loose blouses that aren't tucked in help cover the ostomy area; clingy fabrics tend to show the outline of the ostomy, so best avoided. Let us know if you have specific clothing issues that we can help you with.



Hi Zed,  Sorry if this is a stupid question but what do you mean by 'shielding".  One tip I would like to give you regarding clothing is that breathability is important.  This is my first summer as an ostomate and I've found that I can wear very high waisted panties that cover my pouch and have enough support to make my stomach look almost completely flat, so I can wear just about anything including clingy or tight fitting tops.  There is always a BUT though.  These panties are always made of some type synthetic fabric and do not breath well.  Especially in hot weather you will find it gets pretty sweaty and that can make it uncomfortable but also will in time speed up the break down of the adhesive that is keeping your flange stuck to your skin.  If you wear these a lot you will probably have less time between pouch changes.  What I do is wear cotton panties that are hipsters and don't cover my stoma.  I probably wear these 90% of the time, particularly in these "stay at home" Covid times we are living in.  If I am going out and want to wear something that is a little more figure flattering I will wear the synthetic panties, but they are the first thing that comes off when I get home! Hope this helps.




Hi - Hope you are getting used to your new 'strawberry'(Well thats what I call my stoma~).  You can buy nice swimwear in the UK that is specially for ladies with a stoma - it has an inside pocket for your pouch so it doesnt show.  I've had two for years - good quality and nice design and  fabric but so sorry I can't remember the name of the company I got them from but I'm sure if you Goggle stoma swimwear you will get results.  Also the company I get my supplies from have a 'pouch' for swimming. It is just a 'disc' shape with an absorbent lining so  no worries about the 'tap' showing!! I wouldn't wear one all afternoon but certailnly for a few hour or a 'pool swim'  Hope this helps X 


Hi Zed,

I have the same question as delgrl...What is Shielding.   I've had my ileostomy for more than 55 years, and have never heard that term...    As for clothing....I've had problems with that  since I hit puperty, (  12)  and had my surgery at 15..    I'm short,   5'2",  have always been somewhat overweight,  and have a very low " waistline "  when I did " Have a waist".   After  extensive weight loss and gain, due to medication, and then the ostomy surgery,  Poof...had no waiste at all.    Have always had to hem ( cut off bottoms of pants),  underwear, was always to high up on my waist, and hip huggers  (  pans or underwear) didn't  cover my stoma..   I was a 15 year old fashion misfit..   and hated to go shopping.   But I learned to accept my body,  especially the changes that came with pregnancy ( 2x).   Jeans were always a problem,  as were dress pants with zippers.   I learned to look for forgiving fabrics with some " stretch",  and wore sweater, or shirts, " out" instead of tucked.   The empire waisted " dresses" were a dream, and they were in style when I was working in " the city".   That was the best wardrobe I had.   I also looked for comfortable skirts, with  loose  fitting " blazers".   But that was more a weight issue than a stoma issue.   Underwear was something else..   I t ried brand after brand.... and found ones that  worked for me.    I wear a light synthetic/ stretchy fabric during the day ( when I'm out and about)   but comfortable cotton  at night, or when I'm home during the day..   The best advice,  is shop with a good attitude, and know what it is you're comfortable wearing..   I love yoga pants, and wear loose fitting tops..  I've found soft jean's with pull on / elastic waist.   I learned to sew......to accomodate, my needing to hem clothes, of cut off wast bands, and  redo them.   For more expensive clothing, I always had a seamstress..   When I vented to one,   she lectured me, that not everyone is born with a perfect figure.   For everyone else...get a seamstress.  She was right..   The first thing I did  after my surgery was buy a bathing suit.  We wre a beach  family,a nd I hadn't been swimming for 4  years.   That's an ongoing challenge..   ( again, more for weight issues ) .   But I found brands that had an extra supporting " belly control panel" and that worked great.   Before I discovered that, I wore  panties under the bathing suit..    Best of luck to you..   Marsha     By the way,   I'm now 72, still chubby + but Maxine of Hollywood is still around..    I just bought a new  suit, even though we're still in  lockdown, for covid...    

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