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Pouch clips gravitating elsewhere...


Anyone else have clips always ending up between your legs?

Always adjusting things, looking like a perv, when I want to sit down...

Are my pouches too long? Am I too short?

Do they make pouches for short people?

How do you keep clips from wandering?

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I used a drainable pouch for a few years and it seemed the bottom closure did that too. Was painful! I change to a non drainable and there is no closure or clamps! It is heaven! 


Hi Sherr,

  Sorry, can't relate. Your stoma must be lower than mine, as I've never had that problem.......but it sounds like a terrible problem to have. The simple solution would be to wear your bag sideways instead of vertically. Take a look at Stealth Belts or similar, as they come in both horizontal and vertical varieties.




I used to hate those plastic closure clips used to dig in my 'you know what down there' everytime I was bending down and out walking lucky I was never arressted for having my hand down my pants moving clip out the way lol.....was a great relief when I started using pouchs with with velcro closures about 20 years ago instanly solved my problems 


Hi I am not quite 5'2. I fold my pouch upwards . My panty holds it secure.


Hi, As Morning Glory says, I use the Velcro fastening bags and once closed I fold it up once again and my pants hold it secure. I'm only 4ft 11in and it works for me!  


I have that problem and I'm tall! I just put the pouch on a little sideways....jus tilt it towards the middle of my thigh...keeps it from going where it shouldn't be! 


I used to have that problem and then switched to a pouch that has no clips but uses velcro.  There are two tapes of it to close and I have never had a problem with them becoming unstuck.  Furthermore, you can tuck the tail in.  Works great!!

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