Seeking advice on ostomy bag odor control

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What do you people put inside your bag to stop odor? I used the drop from the ostomy store but it does nothing. Thank you for your help.


I quit paying money for expensive ostomy odor control remedies long ago in favor of simply dipping a bit of baking soda into the pouch each time I empty.  It's the same familiar yellow box that people open and put into their refrigerators to absorb odors.  It works fine for me, as I rarely detect any odor. 

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Ty, I will try that.


Hi LF.  I think Hollister M9 Odor Eliminator Drops work well but might require more than the few drops recommended on the container.  Used together with Hollister Adapt Lubricating Deodorant seems terrific.  You might need some experimenting with how much of each is needed but, if affordable, it's probably worth it.  If not, I'd go with Henry's Baking soda.

Let us know how you make out.



I also use M9. It is covered with my insurance. Without insurance, it is $20.00 for 8oz. When I did not have insurance, I used Securi-T Ostomy Deodorant. It is $6.35 for 8oz on Both do a great job covering colostomy smell! I noticed there is ostomy deodorant advertised on this website, Na Scent, for $9.95 for 8oz. I have never used it, but the price is reasonable.

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How much baking soda do you put in there? I spend a small fortune on M9 odor eliminator. I am VERY self-conscious of odor. I have a colostomy. My friend has an ileostomy and has never had to worry about odor. Thank you.


I pay $20 per bottle for M9 Odor. My insurance will only cover three bottles every 90 days. I usually go through a bottle every two weeks. It's so expensive but worth my peace of mind.


Securi-T Ostomy Deodorant 6.35 for 8oz

If the baking soda does not work well, try the above. It works just as well as the M9, which is overpriced.

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The stuff you put into the toilet is the best. It comes in a small spray bottle. You can buy it anywhere. I think it is called Poo Pourri or something like that. There is really nothing you can put into the bag that helps. I have tried it all. Get yourself some of this spray and I spray it after I empty. Works great.

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I rinse mine everyday with a squeeze bottle....water, water, and a tad of baby oil. Shake, dump, fill with 1/2 bottle, slush it around, dump and flush, slush the last 1/2 of the bottle, wipe lip, and now it smells just like a well-oiled baby.

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