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Help with Gas and Ballooning.


I recently had to delete a ton of OTC meds due to CKD diagnosis and now, after 16 years, I'm plagued with awful gas! I'VE TRIED EVERYTHING OUT THERE! One night, I rolled and the air from my ileostomy pouch filled the large drain bag so full of air it popped like a gunshot! I can handle releasing air but need help preventing it in the first place. PLEASE HELP (And don't suggest the diet thing. Combining renal and short bowel is hard enough...I need a medication solution, please).

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I have tried a lot of Gas Remedies that don't work..... Till now. A Nurse friend of mine, always on the look out for me found...

Kroger ( store)

Ultra Strength 

Gas Relief 

simethicone 180mg

60 soft gels

i was told some people prick a little hole in the gel and put a few drops in their bag . I just took a pill and within 15 minutes, all was gone, bloating and gas. I couldn't believe it. Just remember, the box has to say KROGER on it. 
I hope this helps



I use gas x soft gels. This really works for me. Don't chew gum, chew chew chew your food. You can google for info. 



I will certainly check this out at Kroger. Wonder what the difference is in this product and Gas x. It is the same drug. The mg may be different or other ingredients. 

Thanks for the tip!



Simethicone made mine worse. It allows gas to release more freely so if painful its helpful but in my case it's just inconvenient and costing me money in ostomy supplies. I am taking one like beano that PREVENTS IT BEFORE IT STARTS that is tad better.


Osto-EZ-Vent is a product that allows you to vent off gas collected in the pouch.  They also have a deodorizer attachment.

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