Stoma's surprising gas brings laughter!


I had a funny thing happen the other day.

I was just sitting on the couch and my

stoma let out a fart that would have scared any teenager!

My spouse turned around as if in shock.... I thought it was

hilarious! I can't be offended from much anymore, but it is amazing to see others' reactions!

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LOL. I startled myself the other day. I can usually tell when I'm gonna have a large gas release, but this one took me by surprise and I actually flinched.

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Mine can go at the most inconvenient times. I let out a loud one in a job interview. My interviewer offered me a pack of crackers. LOL. Church during prayer.

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I'm surprised they had crackers.

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That's exactly what happened to me! I actually jumped a little with the sudden force and noise of it coming out! Luckily, my husband was the only witness!



I don't have or do the gas thing for some reason, missing out on all the fun. I have to do the armpit thing instead ...

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When gas happens to me and somebody that isn't used to it is around, I just say...."Sorry, no control over it. But don't worry, I got a filter so it won't stink."


I like it when I am holding my 3-year-old niece and my stoma lets one rip. She will go "Aunt T! Aunt T your tummy made a rumble"!


I like it when I am holding my 3-year-old niece and my stoma lets one rip. She will go "Aunt T! Aunt T your tummy made a rumble"!


Sorry that appeared twice for some reason.


My dog tends to lay on my tummy and when I pass gas, he thinks I've got his squeaky toy under my top. LOL XX


Yeah, the ol' abdominal farts. Seems to only happen to me when I'm in a meeting room and the presenter is rather quiet. I learned to keep a coat or sweatshirt in my lap to dampen the sound, but it doesn't always work. But it is funny that that's the only time I get gas... and it's usually because I haven't eaten in a while knowing I'd be in a long meeting and not wanting to have to keep getting up to empty my bag, not from something I ate. It's a good thing that as we get older we care less and less about being embarrassed.



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You kill me!


I have a lot of gas and it does sound off sometimes at the wrong time, but mostly it is quite but blows up like a balloon.


This has been happening to me for 7 years! Hilarious, isn't it? I have learned to just say "Whoops, my colostomy!" And depending on who is there, a smile and a "Sorry!" It's just a fact (I don't like it!) of my life! Best to you!

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So true!


All the different noises it makes. From the machine gun to the big bang to the balloon when you pinch the end off. Sometimes it almost makes a musical tune. You just never know.


Prior to my colostomy, I was never a gassy girl. Now I'm a gas. My stoma's favorite time to have a fart storm is after dinner time, when life is quiet here with reading and TV. So the extended farts are quite audible. I don't eat "farty foods" so it just is what it is.

My favorite reaction is by one of my cats, who is very precocious and often on my lap after dinner. FART PFFFFT etc. right under her, and her eyes go as big as a tiger's and she looks up at my face like "what the heck, mom?" ;and continues to stare at me seeking an explanation. I got nothing. Lol.

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I scared myself the other day. I flinched...then, laughed. Glad I was alone.


My biggest stoma fear is letting out the big one during silent prayer in church. Hasn't happened yet, but I believe it's a numbers game

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After it happens you have a split second to respond with....1) Amen or 2) Praise the Lord.

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