One Year of Ileostomy: Grateful for Support!


Hi my friends

It's just come up to one year since having my ileostomy. Not going to lie, at first I hated the bloody thing after all I didn't know I was having it. Throughout the year, I have had so much help and support from you guys. I think I would be in deep doo-doo if I hadn't come across this site, so thanks for being my crutch. I've learned just about anything and everything regarding stoma-related issues, not to mention the warm friends I have gained during this time. The laughter that we share, the personal journeys we have or are going through, and the discussion forum we share. Thanks to Henry and Bill's daily inspirational posts and poems, I salute you gents. XX

I presume your ileostomy has made your daily life better, and for that, congratulations.

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Hmmm, not sure it's been made better. My only problem I had prior to surgery was abdominal pain for a couple of days, which I put down to constipation, but it turned out that all my large bowel had died. Xx

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With that, I'd guess it was inevitable that a bag was in your future. Did you get it anything for your anniversary together?

Hi Caz, Happy Anniversary! I just passed my one year with my ileo too. Previously, I had a year with a colostomy, which was not a good time. I've had my challenges with the ileo, but now that I've ironed out all the wrinkles, so to speak, things are pretty good and I'm thankful for it every day. I agree with you completely that this site and the friendship and knowledge I've gained have made a huge difference. We are lucky to have the site and each other.

Take care,


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Of course I did get it a lovely homemade coconut Bakewell tart lol xx

Happy Stoma Anniversary, Caz.

Sending positive thoughts your way....

Stay safe.

Sophie :o))

Shortly after my 40th birthday and between Christmas and New Year - I left my entire colon! It was a terrible painful disease that didn't go away even after that surgery. Yet, 33 years later I am still here. Why? I don't know.

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Hi Judi

The reason you're still here is because God wasn't ready. He had plans for you to spread the joy, love, and happiness to those around you. XX

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