Easiest way to lose weight with an ileostomy and tighten skin?


What is the easiest way to lose weight with an ileostomy? I've been thinking about checking into Cool Sculpting for my lower abdominal area. Between having 2 cesarean sections, 5 female surgeries, and two ileostomy surgeries (one failed and had to be redone), I have developed a skin flap hangover which is literally impossible to lose. No matter how hard I try, I can't lose it and it won't tighten up. Too many muscles have been cut apart. I know Liposuction would not be safe with my ileostomy, but is there any other safe way to lose weight in this area without causing a hernia or damaging my ileostomy? It just looks so ugly, and I know no man would even consider me the way my stomach looks. Almost everything works like it is supposed to with the exception of what was removed, but from the sternum to the top of my pelvic bone, which is where they had to do the emergency surgery in 2017 to save my life, I look like a train wreck. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.


If CoolSculpting is where they freeze the area, it did nothing for the person I know that had it done, a complete waste of money. I would insist on a guarantee of satisfaction or you pay nothing contract.


Dancer, I completely understand how you are feeling. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I developed an extreme amount of stretch marks. Then, I had to have an emergency c-section, which gave me kind of an apron effect. I also have now had 8 more surgeries over the years for different organs/issues, and am looking at having to have another this spring. Due to chronic inflammation, my abdomen is always slightly puffy. I jokingly call it my 'Buckshot Buddha Belly'. There is no surgery that could remove all my battle wound scars, and with all the cut tissue and inflammation, no amount of exercise will firm it up. I used to be very self-conscious about it and worried about how it would affect any potential relationship. But, I have met, and had relationships with, some truly wonderful men over the years that didn't care about my stomach and never made me feel ashamed. Unfortunately, the relationships didn't end up working out but for reasons that had nothing to do with how I looked.

I know you are worried that no man will consider you how you are. You are a beautiful woman, and if someone is too shallow to turn away from you simply because you aren't stereotypically perfect, then they don't deserve you. If someone can't see the beauty in your fight for life, they'll never truly see all your beauty and you deserve better. So, though I don't have any suggestions on how to reduce weight/lose the belly, I can tell you that there are absolutely wonderful deeply caring gentlemen out there that can, and will, look past it.

I know this probably isn't the type of response you were looking for, but I hope it does help.

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Thank you for those kind words. I appreciate it greatly!

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Your words give hope to us all, TreeOfHope.



I can also relate, and I'm sorry you're feeling that way. Any guy who cannot see past the skin is just not worth it. I personally have chosen to be alone for the rest of my life... I have unfortunately accepted it.

I was doing Pilates, but it firmed up my stomach area, gave me a strong core, but I too have issues there. I lost 60 pounds with my cancer this past year... gained back 15, muscle I'm guessing.

I am not happy or comfortable in my skin... but my urostomy is exactly one year old. I am working with a weight doctor... not for losing weight to make me happy, more so to help control my stoma and make her more comfortable. I want to reduce my stomach, so I am starting prescription weight loss meds. I am gonna try it... I'd be happy keeping my muscle and reducing fat.
Starting this week... so we will see


If I remember correctly, a little skin here or there just makes it more of an adventure to get to the prize.

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Anyone who would reject your body instead of embracing the wonderful you ain't worth your time. That said, I am very self-conscious about my mid and lower sections. For me, not for anyone else, I bought a nighttime skin tone "girdle" that goes from my belly button to a few inches above my pelvic area. It's soft and comfy, not very tight at all. And looks like nothing. It's my confidence tube. And it often ends up on the floor.

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Sorry you've been through so much! But you need to tone your language down. That's the help I can offer you. JoAnne

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