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Bag not lasting.


Bag is getting sucked in as if it's in a vacuum. I can feel every time urine comes out of my stoma. Also, the bag leaks after just 2 days.

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This sounds as if it might be a problem that the manufacturers need to be made aware of.  I did get back to Dansac/Holliister for a problem I had with sleeves and they seemed very pleased to recieve my comments and fixed the problem immediately.   (the fact that they created another did not distract from their efforts to resolve the problem in the first place.

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Do you leave a little air in the bag when you change it? As Bill suggested you may need to get in touch with your vendor.


Hi Tim,  The first thing I thought, reading your post, is that you have a vented bag, which is not allowing gas into the bag.  That always would happen to me.  The bag would suck in right against my stoma and made it difficult to get the output to flow down to the bottom of the bag.  I now put a sticker over the vent to disable it, or just use a bag without a vent.  Could this be what is happening with you?


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Thanks  Terry  I'm only a few months in with this so I have to check that out


pardon my asking what may be a stupid question but you mention urine so then i guess you have a urostomy ? and if you do then problems like pancaking and ballooning would not apply to a urostomy?


I wear a Hollister appliance with the belt and it helps a lot. I have had a couple boxes of defectitive appliances over 30yrs. The Hollister company wouldn't refund if there were pharmacy stickers on the boxes so no more stickers on my boxes anymore! 

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