Recovering from Colon Cancer Surgery: Weight Concerns



I had my colon cancer operated on 25th of November, 2021. This is a permanent colostomy. Post surgery, I am not under any treatment. Now managing the pouch and recovering. I am still weak.

I was about 72 kg at the beginning of 2021, however, I started losing weight before the surgery was done, I was 64 kg.

Post surgery, there was an increase in my body weight, about 3 kg, but it seems it stopped now. Can anyone here advise if there would be a timeline I need to wait to see myself getting back to previous weight? I do not want to be overweight for sure, but the doctor has asked to keep an eye on the weight loss...

Any input is appreciated. Since I am very new to this 'new normal', any discomfort scares me a lot.

Thank you for your support and stay healthy.



Hi Sanchita,

I had my surgery in March 2020 and my weight has still not settled (seems to be up and down). I think for me it might be because I am still learning what foods are okay for me to eat and what foods I should avoid. Also, emotionally, I do comfort eat at times.

Hopefully, someone will come along and be more helpful.


Hi Sanchita, after my operation I lost about 7kg and since I have put it back on though I did not want to. As long as you are eating a healthy diet and not losing weight and keeping an eye on your weight as your doctor said, you should be okay. Best wishes, Patrick.

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Hello, many thanks. If I get to see similar cases, it reassures me. Yes, me too, learning the food habit, everything seems to be new all over again.

My sincere thanks for your time.


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It really is just experimenting with food. And as you heal, you might be able to add back in foods that you couldn't eat right away. For me, there were foods that made my output too solid or too I kept a food journal to know which ones to avoid. I did lots of internet searches. LOL

Good luck with everything. Keep posting on this forum...everyone is very nice and helpful. I've made some lifelong friends.

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Thank you very much. I appreciate. Wish you good luck too.


Hello again,

I am facing some problems and thought I would check if anyone here could have faced similar issues.

I had my tumor removed on November 21, and since then I have a stoma. In February, I had a sudden acne breakout on my face. The dermatologist gave me some antibiotics. The acne is under control, but I have started having loose motions. I consulted an internal medicine specialist and took a course of antibiotics again, but it seems to not be working. I am planning to see my surgeon.

Has anyone here faced similar issues? I am worried. Any leads or advice would be appreciated.



Hi Sanchita,

I had my op, APR, late April this year. I have a permanent colostomy.

Pre-op, I was 245lbs (111kg). A week after the op when I went home, I weighed 224lbs (102kg). I was very happy with the weight loss, being overweight.

I have managed to keep the weight the same. I am not eating as much at meals and have stopped eating a lot of junk food, so I'm very pleased about that.

If your weight is steady and your appetite seems normal, I wouldn't be concerned.

Another benefit is a reduction in my sugar levels. I am type 2 diabetic, probably due to being overweight.

Good luck,



Hi, I lost 70 lbs over the process. It took almost a year to get back to normal. I found that food that seems not good for you is what I needed. I was a vegan going in but now I eat eggs, cheese, chicken, rice, and potatoes. I try to stay away from highly processed but insoluble fiber does not seem to be my friend so I eat that in very small amounts. All the best to you.

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