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Recovery time

This is the best website for people with an Ostomy. So much understanding.

I am 12 weeks post surgery. (Total Colectomy)

I still have wobbly knees & upset stomach 

Is this taking too long?


It takes awhile so give yourself time. Everyone is different,but if you’re worried ask your Dr.

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Morning Glory is correct, each person is different. Your body will be adjusting to its new change, and has  a settling point where you might start to feel better. Most go into surgery being the worst off and the surgery is there to get them back to a new life to get back to a new normal. I had the same surgery and from Sept to November before I went back to work things were changing and foods I avoided I was slowly able to introduce back into my diet but somethings took up to a year before I risked some things. 

You know your own body, if you feel something is wrong always consult your doctor or his or her team, they normally have a team including a PA to contact. 

Look into some of the stories that are on here, it will help cover everything from recovery, diet, hydration, food blockages, showering and most of the thing you might see or run into. 

Hope you start to feel better. 


I was told 8-15 weeks, so hang in there. Careful diet, good hydration, short walks. I'm at 7 weeks and am still going through figuring out what gear will work on my funky stoma. I too feel like this is a long time. But just consider how wickedly our bodies have been altered!  Hang in there and keep in touch. 


I didn't have quite the same surgery but I will say this....keep hydrated(IMO, you can't drink enough) and get up and move(walking). Give yourself time cause if you push it too hard too fast, it'll take even longer to heal if you injure yourself somehow. 


Each of these responders is giving you good, experienced advice.  I concur with them.  After my colectomy, it was a slow road back.  But you'll definitely get there.  Stay positive; that always helps. 


You will know when you're ready ..... took me all of 4 -5 months but I was very crook, dont rush it , its all about you now.


Axl wrote:

You will know when you're ready ..... took me all of 4 -5 months but I was very crook, dont rush it , its all about you now.

So I have Crohn’s, 2 overlapping autoimmune liver diseases (AIH, PBC, stage F2) and lots of  CNN other autoimmune related diseases including T2 Diabetes, Sjogren’s, POTS / autonomic neuropathy, small fiber neuropathy (not caused by T2 but probably Sjogren’s) arthritis, chronic migraine with aura, pain meds necessary for me be able to walk a little- enough for self care ( lots of wonderful hubby help). I’m concerned because of everything plus recent increase of Tacrolimus to 6 mg plus Prednisone (20mg)and Entyvio for the Crohn’s, how hard total colectomy with ileostomy will be to recover from w/ infection. History of pseudo polyps and pelvic floor spasms with neuropathy stopping the flow, it is the way to ho- cancer concern heightened by Tacrolimus and new likely squamous on arm (results in a week). Any insight is appreciated as how to prepare. Also am already on morphine, how much extra pain meds were necessary after surgery? Thanks for your input! 



Gee you have a lot going on there and I'm sorry I can't comment on anything other than my own experience. I am one of the types for whom pain medication doesn't work very well except for headaches which I rarely get, once the operation meds wear off in on my own. I usually go home with a bag of endone but discard that before long as it doesn't even take the edge off. Always recommended is to get yourself an inflatable rubber ring to sit on for a while. Sorry that I don't have more to offer you.


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