Preventing Ostomy Bag Gas Leakage


Is it common for gas to escape from my ostomy bag when I cough and at times just moving around? It is very embarrassing to stink the area I'm in when I bend over or cough. What can be done to avoid this from happening?


What bag are you using? My Hollister bags do not do that. They have a filter which works for a bit, then my bag just balloons. If I had escaping gas my seal would be done.

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I get my supplies from the VA and they give me Convatec supplies. I have looked for leakage but can't find any. I even push on the bag when it does have gas in it and I can't seem to make it leak any gas. It seems to happen when I cough or move around sometimes. Can I ask how often you change your entire wafer and bag?

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I use a two-piece system, Coloplast Mio system. The wafer is changed once a week, but the bag is 3-4 days depending on if the charcoal filter gets wet. Also, the bag will break down over time from the output wearing through the plastic.

Check if there is a filter in the bag near the top. If the charcoal filter gets wet, it will allow smells to get out. If a quick movement or cough causing your stomach to flex allows gas to escape, you might be having an issue of it not sealed to the skin properly.

A rare problem that I have had once was a manufacturer defect where the skin seal material and the harder plastic part on the two-piece separated but would not show unless you look at it closely using a mirror to find the separation.

During the winter time, warm up the adhesive before you apply it. Sometimes if it is too cold, the adhesive will not bond as well as it is designed.

Hope some of this helps.

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Bag once or twice a day. My entire kit lately lasts 15 days plus. I have switched to Salts rings and gone to 20 days. But I have not had what you are talking about.

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Thank you, I believe this may be helpful as I change my wafer and bag at the same time after about 7-10 days. As you say, the bag may be getting saturated, allowing gas to escape. I am going to try changing my bag more often, like you said, every 3-4 days. Also, if I could help anyone, I have been told to put white rice into a sock, warm it up in the microwave for about 30 seconds or until it's warm, and put that sock around the wafer. The heat from the sock full of rice will warm up the adhesive of the wafer and make it stick better. I also use Hy-tape on the edges of the wafer seal; that helps a lot.

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Thank you for responding, I feel that my mistake is that the bag lasted as long as the wafer did. I'm finding out that is wrong. Going to change the bag more often.


Hi George. Did you try bags without a filter? I also use Convatec, but I find the filter bags not so good. They do let out gas even if you put the sticker over it. I also find that moisture builds up at the filter and could wet your clothes. I use non-filter bags. I don't feel my poop stinks through it unless I eat something like seafood or have bile that did it. I simply change to a new pouch. Mike

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