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Swimming with ostomy appliance


I've recently ordered a water proof Ileostomy belt cover, but it is not due to arrive until July 7-28. Can't wait to get back into the pool again. Is it okay to swim with just the appliance in place, heard they are waterproof, with hydro colloid strips in place?  And can a hair dryer be used to dry it afterwords?

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Yes, and yes!  I swim all the time with no special covering over the appliance.  I also spend time in the steam room.  No problems at all.  Go ahead and get back in that pool!


p.s.  The hair dryer is a great way to dry your appliance quickly.  I use it every day.


yes you can go in the water with appilance same as shower if using coloplast it wipes pretty much dry afterwards no hair dryer required....use strips all will be not over heat with hair dryer and only use it once in between changes as if u reheat it glue will let go after you are sealed 😀 


I, too, live in Florida full time .   Check out Ostomy Secrets for swim wraps, bathing suits.   Keep things simple. Stay hydrated and enjoy yourself 🍷😎

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Yes, thanks Mommabear,  I should have been more clear in my comments.  I use my hairdryer to warm the flange just before applying a new pouch, but when I am using the dryer after the shower, it's only on the fabric covered area of the pouch, not near the flange itself. 



Bombs awaaaaaaaay ...... (Big splash)


I swim (dance) in the pool almost every day, for at least one hour, with no cover (on my appliance).  I have never had any issues.  Pool temp is upward of 87 degrees.  Don't know if this has any impact.  


What is a waterproof belt? Can you send info on this item or where i can look at it.

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StealthBelt makes a neoprene belt to hold your bag for water activities 


Absolutely, I swim and kayak with no cover at all . It holds great and yes I blow dry it everyday after showering and swimming . My pouch is a fabric covered one so it's easy , not sure about the more plastic ones . 
But yes, go swimming 👍🏻


Like AlexT I use a StealthBelt.


1st pic is in AZ in the condo complex

2nd pic is Royal Caribbean cruise lines private island CoCo Cay

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Hair dyer great idea. I'll have to get one. Swimming in pool still frightens me. Thinking I'd be responsible for having to empty the pool. I have colostomy and go only if my setup is newly on and empty. I have unusual gaps in skin, use stomahesive for that. Bottom line I still worry a lot


Sorry Kathy, but what you read in nonsense!  As you have read from many of us on this site, lots of people with ostomies swim, in the pool, in the ocean, in a lake, whatever.  I too have an ileostomy, and have been swimming many times in a chlorinated pool, as well as in the ocean.  No special cover or protection for my ostomy, and I have experienced zero problems.  


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It's smart to be cautious, but I really think you are worrying more than you need to.  I spend long periods in the pool, I do my laps, about 45 minutes, then into the steam room for about the same time, then back in the pool for pool exercises.  I also have an ileostomy and my output is quite loose.  My pouch often has some output in it after my swim, but I've never even come close to having a leak.  The adhesive has been as solid after the swim as before.  With the colostomy, it should be easier for you to time your swims when you know you won't be having output if you are more comfortable with that. Hopefully the more often you go, the more confident you will become.  Enjoy!



Take the plunge! (sorry for the pun). You will be glad you did. I swim daily at the pool and have body surfed big waves in Maui with no issues. A neoprene stealthbelt is helpful as are elastic barrier strips.


Many comments of approval but it would be important to indicate what Pouch Brand/type you used for water activity and where.

Swimming Pool - Public Swimming Pool - Hot tub - Lake - Ocean

1. Recommend to not do this activity if you will have output, due to recent food/drink intake.
2. The Hot tub is the hardest for the edge of your baseplate seal, edge mayl become sticky.
3. Some type of cover to hide the pouch is important too.
4. I've heard about this brand has the best seal for water activities. Cymed with MicroSkin.

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