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Exposure to chemicals


Hey all!

I had my ileostomy done back in 2006 after several surgeries. I had UC and didn't know it, but it was severe enough that my colon was removed when the surgeon took a look inside. He said it was "dogmeat" and making my body toxic. Long story short, I had issues with nausea and got a medication for it. I haven't needed it in years, until this week. What happened this week? I started a new job at a chemical manufacturer. My UC ended up leaving me with RA and some other fun autoimmune odds and ends. I now need this medication every night as I wake up ready to throw up.

I have some exposure to MEK, Toluene, Acetone, Hexane, etc... Does anyone have any experience with these chemicals making them nauseous? I guess this weekend will tell me more. I am interviewing somewhere today after work as they reached out to me, but I don't want to bail on this company. That being said, I can't do this if the chemicals are a problem. Any and all thoughts are appreciated.


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Hi Paul

I have had plenty of experience with acetone and MEK, was way before my ileo but I never had any issues with either of them other than being set on fire with the acetone but that's another story ..


Thank you Axl! This is a good job and I don't want to have to leave it. Set on fire? That does not sound like a good time. I hope you were/are okay.

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