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Pathology negative! Surgery rant


Decided to go forward with Ken/Barbie butt procedure the first week of June, had to wait 8 weeks for the 3 scope procedure and then 10 days for pathology.

So everything is good to move forward with the K/B butt, fixing parastomal hernia and prolapsed stoma. 
First offer for surgery was OCTOBER! I politely declined and asked for ASAP. Two plus years of blockages, ileostomy surgery, ridiculous amounts of pain and bills just stacking up, I literally can't afford to wait.

The GI and the Surgeon both gave me their cell numbers, I've told them both I'll be texting daily until I get a date for surgery. 
I can see the light, I just want out of this cycle of pain and helplessness. 

Thanks for reading and I hope to have things other than my Illness to talk about soon! 

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Power on, buddy.  You'll get to where you want to be soon enough.  Stay tough.  HenryM


Focus on the light ✨✨✨ I will cross my fingers & toes and anything else for you if I think it will help! 🤞🤞🤞 Sending loads of love and positive vibes your way! ❤️❤️❤️ Rant any time!!! Always, always here to listen. ❤️❤️❤️


Thank you Henry and Sally, I really appreciate the support. 
Since I had my ileostomy in January finding this site has been my go to for the people and the help, it's been a great resource of health and levity, I appreciate all of you!



you got this....stay strong smile on....

We are with ya my friend


October isn't that far away. I wanted my surgery the day after I stopped the chemotherapy and radiation but had to wait 3 months til I could have surgery. I worked all thru my chemotherapy, radiation, and up until 4 days before surgery so that helped pass the time. Find some simple thing to occupy your mind/thoughts and it'll be October before you know it. 


Persevere, Abe. Things will get better. All the best wishes.


Abe I am so sorry you have to go through all of that.. can I ask why you have had so many blockages? I just got mine revised like a day ago lol she was beyond flat and retracted and would get stuck sucked in my stomach and then would swell she was stuck on stupid lol I hope they get you in quicker..And you have no more problems 


Tentatively scheduled for the 17th, one week from today. 


my blockages were pre ostomy, scar tissue in the colon basically decided it was time to just close the opening. When they did the ostomy they had to clean out 11 liters of impacted stool, insurance denied TPN so I was forced to eat with no way to get it out.


After 2 years I've done what I can hobby wise, this should have been done when I spent the entire month of May in the hospital but wasn't. The decision to proceed with the surgery was made the day after I got out of the hospital. So I'm already 9 weeks into waiting. Also physically and financially waiting until October would be devastating to me. Luckily the surgeon like me wants it done right away. Then after I heal I can get my own snow leopard!


thank you I'm doing the best I can 

Homie with a Stomie

thank you Tracey, my doctors and nurses love your handle and I don't appropriate as my own


Hang in there, Abe! 

Sending you strength and support. 💪❤️



Let me guess…..due to Covid there has been a delay in the shipment of Barbie Butts  -  sorry but my attempt at humor is my modus operandi 

In all seriousness you have been through so much - my heart goes out to you !  Hopefully those docs will be able to accommodate you sooner - in the meantime, I am hoping you can keep a positive attitude.  Fingers crossed for you !  Rants are good to get things outta your head - though laughter is better for your brain and well being.

We are all rootin' for ya - we'd be tootin' too if we could -  jb

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Has anyone told Abe about the initiation “jump in” to being a gang member? I hope he's up to it. 😬😁


Hang in there Paul.  You will get there!  I totally relate.  I had four surgeries in two years, plus several hospitalizations for blockages and had to wait for several months for my last one, then had it cancelled a few times (three or four? lost count) before it finally went ahead.  All good now, and it will be for you too.  Stay positive!  I know, easy to say.


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Good luck, getting mine on September 1st, pre op on your surgery day. Hope all goes well, prayers!

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Now wait just a second, joining a gang is quite possibly the worst hobby I can think of! 


Ken butt has been delayed, my hidrenitis is too bad right now for skin grafts so they are removing the rectal stump but leaving the anus. Also possibly moving the ileostomy because of the prolapse and fixing the parastomal hernia. I can't wait to have the prolapse fixed, having 3-4” of intestine hanging out of my stoma bothers me to no end. Going in on Wednesday the 17th. Waiting on the pre surgery Covid test then in I go. Already confirmed my favorite nurse will be there when I'm admitted after surgery. I've been given zero info on a timeline for my stay after the surgery, I'm fine with that, they have been wrong on every estimate of recovery with me, I'm planning on a month. 


Good luck. 


Good luck 🤞🤞 with the surgery and recovery Abe were all rooting for you and awaiting your post when you get time XX 


Good luck Paul ❤️


Good luck!! I have the same exact issues now we're the stoma was (3) repair and then put on the left side the right side has a tangerine size hernia. I am scared to do the Barrie/Ken butt. Do they say it helps? No one has approached me with this option.  I wish you a speedy recovery! 


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Pascal so sorry I'm just now seeing your post. You have been through quite a bit yourself!

I would ask your doctor about Barbie butt, there must be a reason for them not suggesting it. There is no reversal from it, so if there is a chance your doctor thinks he can reverse your ostomy in the future he won't suggest it.

Best of luck to you!

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