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Ostomy running club??


Greetings from the UK! I wondered if anyone would be interested in setting up.a weekly ostomates running club - it would obviously have to be virtual but we could try things like setting a range of weekly challenges and then create a blog about them with pictures and even video. In an ideal world, we might even manage to coordinate some "live" runs where a group.of us have a quick video chat before and then all go out for a run relative to time zones. I'm happy to organise and lead if anyone wants to try it? I've attached a pretty grim picture of me after a run on the South Coast of the UK wearing my 2nd best bandana...

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Sounds awesome but I only run now if a bear is chasing me. 😁

There are other runners on here though. I wonder if you could do a search in the forum for 'runner'? Best of luck and have fun!


I’ e posted this before but it makes me laugh every time and worthy of a re-post

with stoma I don’t even have a need to run to the bathroom - good thing cause at my age running is out of the question 🤣

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