Advice on Ileostomy Reversal Healing


I'm having an ileostomy reversal one week from today... I'm nervous as hell, not from the surgery itself but from the healing afterwards. I'd love to hear some advice or anyone's experience.


Hi Humpty

Good luck with the reversal. I too will hopefully be having the same soon.

Unfortunately, I can't give you any advice, but I'm here for moral support during your recovery. X

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No experience, but good luck for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.


I'm waiting to hear from my surgeon on when my reversal ileostomy can take place. Terrified and excited. Watched a few videos on YouTube about them to see. Good luck.

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How did it go? I'm having a reversal next week

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It went well. Still lots of diarrhea and surgical pain... but it has started to subside.

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Thank you! It went well and I'm on the mend! Feels good to not have anything hanging off my body. Good luck to you!

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Amen! I've been praying about this.

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I'm on my journey for reversal, trying to schedule the colonoscopy to make sure it can be reversed. That has been a challenge. Hope to have everything positive for a December reversal. Were you in the hospital for a while? Mine told me to expect 5-7 days. I'm looking forward to not having mine hanging off me too!

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They'll want you to pass gas poop. I wasn't in the hospital that long. My incision was from my pubic bone to right below my breasts. That's the incision from when I got the ileostomy. So it's still sore.
I'm so happy to have it gone.

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