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Ostomy bag problems


I have trouble getting my bag to seal around my stoma. It always puff up and stool goes in around it.  The barrier rings do not seem to help. What am I doing wrong?

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If it’s puffing up with air, you have to let the air out once in awhile. 


Try wearing an ostomy belt it helps keep things in place.


Morning rustykunk1949...for puffing issues try this is ur pouch has a vent put a sticker or tape over the vent....empty it and tape vent...this works wonders from me advice from my ostomy nurse who has her own bag for over 20 years 😉 


Two things if I may. First, make absolutely sure the area around the stoma is clean and devoid of any adhesive. Second, try heating the karaya seal of the wafer with a hair dryer for 10-15 seconds before applying.



Hi Rusty,  Aside from the gas issue, which has been addressed here, it could be lots of things.  Are you using a regular or convex flange?  If your abdomen around you stoma isn't really flat, you may not be getting a good enough seal because of that.  A convex flange can change everything.  When you put a new pouch on, make sure the skin around your stoma isn't just really clean, but also really dry.  When you attach the pouch, whether using a barrier ring or not (I don't need one) warming the flange with your blow dryer for about 30 seconds can also really help, but also make sure you apply a good amount of pressure once it's on you and cover the whole area with your hand and press for a good amount of time.  I usually give it about a minute and  a half.   Hope this helps!



Mechanical solution that I've used.  Get one of the ostomy belts with little hooks on each end, those hooks will catch  on either side of the collar of the ostomy bag.  Cinch the belt up to take the pressure off the adhesive..  works. 


I have had that happen too.  And then my skin gets tender, even bleeds.  I’m one month in on my colostomy.  Still trying to figure it all out. I am trying a belt with the hooks to see if that will make a difference.  For me it always leaks out of the bottom under the flange.

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