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Can I please get advice on what the best practices are for showering without getting my bag/flange wet?  The press and seal method isn't working for me...or maybe I'm just not doing it right.  Thanks!

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Hi Debdionna,

 I ordered one of these Shower Guards. Works great to keep everything dry.


That is the same thing I use is the shower guard, got my original ones from Amazon

Little bit of water gets by sometimes but is the best thing found for the job. 


PressNSeal or Saran Wrap were both worthless for me. I think about the only commercially made product is the one Sally posted. Personally, I just let the bag get wet and dry it off when I'm done, takes about a minute with a blow dryer. 


Myself lucky enough I can shower daily with nothing covering any of it...that way inside and out bag gets a cleaning lol....I simple dry it in a few minutes on warm from hair dryer...I use 1 piece convex and barrier ring from Coloplast 


I started out trying to keep it dry (2 years ago) what a waste of time and Saran Wrap !  Now, I let the whole shebang get wet soap it up and let it dry on its own.  I also swim almost every day and again just let it dry on its own.  Never have had any problem from wet bag or tape. -to quote one of my favorite philosophers - namely Jimmy Buffet and words to live by

- KISS - Keep it simple stupid - it works for me💪🤣


I wear a two piece and I have never covered it in the shower.  I take a regular shower and dry off with a towel.  I will dry the bag and around it with the same towel.  I have never used a hair dryer either, I would be afraid of damaging my skin. 


Hi Deb,

  Guess the question is why do you have to keep your bag dry when you shower?  Whether it's in a shower or pool, barriers are designed to be able to handle water. Are you just being overly cautious, have adhesion problems or maybe don't want the hassle of having to dry your bag off?  I've tried a lot of things and ultimately none really worked.  I'm not one for being overly cautious and mindful when in the shower, so I ended up just chancing it without any extra protection.........and haven't had a problem.  That's with both Holister and Senura Mio stuff, as those are the only I've ever used. 

  Now if I know I'm going to be taking a long hot steamy shower.......or spend hours in the pool......I put a strip of 3M Micropore tape around the periphery of my barrier, half on the barrier and half on my skin.  Nothing gets past that.  Don't think it's really needed, but gives me peace of mind and I can just forget about it all together.  But curious why you want it dry?



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Using a hairdryer, you just set it on low and move it around for a minute or two. I like using it to dry the clothy stuff on the outside of the bag(Hollister). Plus I can dry my curly locks too. 😮😁🤭


Here you go ...

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I was advised not to get it wet in the shower by my home health nurse.  Sounds like from everyone's responses I'm worried for nothing!


Why don't you want to get the bag wet?  I shower three different ways: sometimes I leave everything on; sometimes I just take the bag off & leave the wafer, or, if I'm going to change the appliance,  I just shower nude.  Any output will just wash down the drain.

When I leave everything on, I just pat everything as dry as I can and pretty soon the whole thing will be dry from the air.  Never have any problems.

With peace, anyark 

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Yep, you're worrying about nothing. You do want everything bone dry when putting on a new bag/wafer. But once you have that done, getting it wet is no problem. Remember, most healthcare providers are only acquainted with ostomy stuff and not experts on these fabulous accessories we have. 


No need to cover it, just shower as usual and dry it with a towel. 


There are  a little bag for swimming  you  can use that i tried it and it works very nice  


There are  a little bag for swimming  you  can use that i tried it and it works very nice  



I use the 2 part system.....flange and separate bag attached.  My insurance allows me a new flange and bag every other day.  So I do not remove the flange but every 2 days.  I use a baby tooth brush to clean the inside crevices.  I wash the bag and let it dry and then reuse that bag every other day.  Does that make sense to you?  I have used the one piece system but much prefer what I am using now.

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Yes.....everything dries faster than your can blow your hair dry!


Waterproof tape or Brava strips work well and don't take a lot of effort.

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I know the professionals of trying to help. But I am finding textbook learning is not the same as personal experiences from having an ostomy. Always feel free to ask here because someone has personally been through it..  There are many ways to solve a problem, try them out and find out which works best for you.

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EXACTLY !!! The Ostomates on this site share valuable information drawn from on-the-job training 👏👏👏

Read, learn, try and then do what works for you 🤜🤝

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Right on!!! 


I tape it up so it doesn't hang down, then cover with Press and seal. I usually cover it twice. Works for me. It it gets a little wet, I blow it dry. 


So, bear with me as I try to zero in on the issue you're having. 

I've been living with my ostomy since 2013. I've gone thru numerous trial-and-errors in that time but, I think I have finally settled on a solution to the weak link in the ostomy chain; the flange. 

Firstly, I use Cavilon spray and then a barrier ring between my skin and pouch. By limiting the amount of waste that comes in UNDER flange, it helps to prolong wear time. I currently get between 4-7 days between changes; depending on the usual variables. I hold in place it the palm of my hand over the pouch, letting the heat activate the adhesive. After a couple of minutes, I use barrier strips around the flange edges, again, using body heat to let the adhesive activate. Next, I cover the flange with a Brava 4x4 protective sheet cut in half to maximize use. These Brava sheets are not water friendly and they need to be protected. So, stay with me here, I use a Duoderm Extra Thin dressing; also cut in half. Ok, after all that you'll have a pretty good seal that will not be as prone to leakage a what I call “wardrobe malfunctions”. All of this extra “work” is to protect the pouch flange. As added step I use a freeer bag, and use bandage tape for the top and sides to minimize exposure to water while showering. 

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You use alot of stuff. 


Hi Debdionna! What I do that works great is I use a different bag just for showering and use transpore waterproof tape and apply 4 strips over the the tape from the flange. When I am done with my shower and all dried off I switch back to the pouch I wear through the days, remove the transpore tape and blow dry the tape around the flange if it is a bit wet. It will dry in seconds and stay well adhered to your body. Hope this helps. Mike

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if you have no adhesion problems then, no, you don't have anything to worry about! I have serious adhesion problems and still, half the time I  just jump in the shower and go. Other times I use 3M Tegaderm, comes in rolls 2,4,6 inch wide (I use 4"). I just cut a swath about 2" wide, three go around the flange to guarantee nothing steams off, lol. The roll lasts a LONG time.


I take both baths and showers with my bag on. When I get out I dry the tape backing with a little toilet paper and change the pouch to a new one. If there's really nothing in there I sometimes dry it off but I prefer to use a new bag. I use the closed pouches and my insurance actually allows for about two a day (as opposed to reusing the open pouch for almost a week). It has been such a difference since I used the ones you have to empty over a toilet. 

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Yes, I use the same one.


I use press and seal with 2 rows of water proof tape on 3 sides. . 

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