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Update on my skin barrier issue


After struggling with trying to get my VA physician to address my skin issue under my barrier of my ileostomy,  I was able to get an appointment with a dermatologist at our local clinic.  He was attentive, listened, looked at my photo and my skin and took a biopsy.  He also gave me antibiotics and ordered a special gell to put on the lesions.  He feels that it is some sort of autoimmune disorder and should have results within this next week. I was so relieved that this doctor took the time to actually see me and take the time to examine me.  Hopefully, I will finally find out what is troubling me.  I will update everyone when I get the results.

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Hello Freedancer.

Thanks for posting this update. It sounds much more promising in terms of possible solutions.

Best wishes



That's great.  I hope that it all works out for you.


Thank goodness you found a good doctor!  I am glad to hear there may be a resolution for you!  Best of luck 🤞 


Fingers crossed. 🤞


So happy you found a doctor who listens! I hope it's nothing serious and he will have a solution for you soon. Good luck!💗🤞


Good luck and keep us up to date.


There are some good doctors out there, who really do listen, and put in the extra time and thought that is required.  Doctors who aren't yet jaded or burned out from our over loaded health care system.  I'm so glad you found one!!  It is like trying to get an audience with the Pope to get an appointment with my doctor right now.  So happy for you!



Praying for you!  Do keep us posted

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