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Convex one piece sensura mioConvex seal, convex barrier and covex bags Hi Ostomates I have left over product that I would like to donate to two people. Please let me know asap. I was able to have a colostomy reversal and I want to thank you all so much for being my biggest supporters these last six months especially when I needed it physically and mentally. You have helped me guide me on things that my doctors didn't have advice on. Wipes, strips, deodorant, powder May God bless you all! Thank you thank you ! 

Talk to others with an Ostomy
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You made it out! Go Girl!

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Good on you girl !!!  👏👏👏

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Please let us know how you are getting on over the weeks and months if possible. There are so many people who have lots of questions regarding reversal surgery but unfortunately not many keep in the forum after which is understandable but also quite sad. I wish you a healthy and happy life xx

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