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Has anyone tried false teeth glue for leaking? My Ostomy nurse said she heard something about it at a seminar and I have leaks on one side!

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Orabase definitely works in clearing up minor skin issues particularly when used with Stomahesive Powder.


I’ve used that too but this is supposedly different and just wanted to check before I tried it! Thanks


Just don’t mix up your mouth tube with your stoma tube! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


am I right


I have a urostomy. I was having a terrible time with leaks, sometimes having to change a bag 2 times in one day, 5 times in 3 days. I was constantly doing laundry!  It was frustrating.  I finally tried the barrier strips and haven't had an issue since! 


There is no reason for any ostomy to leak, there are so many products out there concave, convex, you should never have a problem with leaking. If you can contact your supplier they should be able to help you. 


If your leak is along the seam of the bag...

    Make sure you are not using heat to "set" the seal.  I thought my Hollister bags were defective for months; when I stopped using heat, the problem disappeared.

Good luck!

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