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Another Check in Post Reversal / surgery was 11/16


Just another update on my progress….

I had my two weekish follow up appt on Friday, and overall they said everything feels right and looks good. 

I finally started feeling better on Thursday, but all weekend I been having issues with only passing blood. It has me relatively freaked out, so I put in a request for a stat CT scan to be ordered by my surgeons office. Hopefully I will hear back from them early tomorrow and get in there.

Since home I tend to swing between diarrhea and then constipation, and I can’t seem to find any type of in between so it is what it is. While the runs are inconvenient, getting a blockage really scares me, so I took some softeners tonight and now dealing with some pretty bad stomach cramps. Hopefully the dam will break soon. 😂

im still keeping hope all this is “normal” and that I can keep moving forward. 

I saw some questions on reversal pre-op and they did a cringy and uncomfortable in office exam that then cleared me for the next step of the barium aenema. That was no big deal as the tech was hilarious and went out of her way to call me ahead of time to ask questions and get me comfortable with what she would be doing. After that they cleared me for the reversal. The surgery stated with a colonoscopy to be sure all looked great and since it did, they went ahead.

One thing I read before my surgery that freaked me out was that they would leave a small section of the wound open to allow for drainage and that it would heal on its own. it had a decent scab on it within a week and then I had a sneezing fit that opened it again. That was pretty painful as i was in a tummy cramp state too.   It’s back to scabbed over now.

I’ll update if the CT scan shows something scary. Finger crossed it’s all gonna be just fine. ☺️

Reversal shopping list:

flushable coconut shea flushable wipes

A&D ointment for barrier and rash

circular cotton face pads to apply barrier cream without getting it all over your hands 


panty liners extra long with wings

depends for the drive home after surgery and overnights  for those just in case type of people

Gummies. Yeah, I said it. CBD, weed, whatever helps with the pain but gets you off the narcotics from the hospital.

Waterproof bandages so you can keep opening dry and still take baths

nonstick Gauze pads for drainage on wound and medical tape to hold it down. I have been leaving it taped just down the middle to make sure it can still get air.

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I'm praying for your easy & problem-free recovery, although I'm sure it hasn't been easy.  Nothing wrong with a little holistic healing... those opioids are so dangerous and that plant is a gift from God :)


Wishing you a speedy and full recovery and a back to normal life soon !  Thank you so very much for sharing the real story of this procedure and recovery and not a doctor’s opinion.  It is much appreciated!  You are awesome 👏 


Thanks for keeping us updated!  Mine is Thursday (12/8) Good info and good luck with the CT scan.  


You are still so early in this phase - patience, I seem to remember, is the key! You're doing great, hang in there!


I've wondered how you are.  I'm praying this balances out for you.   Thank you for sharing 

Reply to Delsol93

Hi I had mine reversed on Oct 5th 2022. Still trying to find that balance.  Some days I don't go and then the next day that is all I do.  I'm sure it will take time.  Every day is a new challenge.  Had staples out already.  I was closed completely.  Had hernia fixed at the same time. Still have to watch what I eat as I have diverticulitis as well.  But being bag free is well worth the rest of the issues.. Chin up going forward.  Good luck with your surgery 🙏.  

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