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Stoma guards


Has anyone made there own stoma guard/protector? Or anyone know of a good one that doesn't block the flow?

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Not so far so I am interested in the answer here as well. 


The Stoma Guard by StomaGear is what I have, it won’t restrict flow. If you think the small sized one or large sized one will work for you, I’ll make you a smoking deal but you’ll need the belt. I use the medium sized one and you get all 3 sizes when you buy from them. 


Hello Beth 22.

I wasn't quite sure whether to answer your question, because I did not set out to make a stoma guard, but wanted a device that would channel the output away from the stoma and down into the sleeve/bag. 

This was achieved by making my own baseplate with a very slightly protruding wastepipe, onto which I could attach a 90degree bend. This has worked very well for me now for years and, incidentally, acts as a very effective stoma guard. 

I don't think it would be appropriate for everyday use as it protrudes too far out. However. it has been ideal from the early evening (when I irrigate) through the night until morning, when I swap it for a stoma plug, on top of which I stick an inverted plastic cap which also acts as a stoma guard all day. 

Most of my 'stuff' is what I can find in my shed, or what doesn't cost more than a few pence to purchase. I am not bothered about 'fashion' or looking 'good' and I am very confident about telling people about the why's and wherefores of stomas  - if they happen to ask. So, there you have it! These things were not primarily designed as stoma guards, but they quite adequately double-up for that purpose. 

Best wishes


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Alex T,

 Does it have to sit with your pants over it ?? Mine just got moved up pretty high I will try and post a pic 


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Hey bill,

I would love to see a picture that sounds like a very smart invention.. I am not sure it would work for me it might .. I have an ileo I don't know if that makes a difference with your  design.. and hey maybe you should paten your idea ☺️

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Nope. My pants don’t go over my stoma. If you Google the StomaGear one, you can pretty much see what it is and I think there’s video on it too 

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cool I I will check it out 

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Hello Beth22. 

I am not sure that I would describe my devices as 'smart' but I do like to think that they are 'functional'. On my profile, there is a picture of my two-belt baseplate with the 90degree bend detached above it in the picture. 
As for whether it might work with an ileostomy, I can see no reason why not, but, as hinted at previously, I find it most beneficial in the evenings and overnight. The bend would be a little bulky for normal daytime use. However, the baseplate is fine on it's own. I have found that by having several different interchangeable devices that can be easily swapped around, the management of my stoma is easier than trying to make one device last longer. My designs, if one can call them that, were made specifically for my own needs and wants. They are like my rhymes, in that I did not produce them with a profit-motive in mind. so anything that you think might be useful to you, please feel free to copy and use for improving your own situation. 

I am a firm believer in trying as many things as possible until we find what suits us best.

Best wishes


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Hey bill,

That looks pretty nifty.. and I am sorry if it came out as if I was saying you made it for profit.. I was meaning since you had made something that works  for you and you have an ostomy so you know the ins and outs and how it should be you could I'd you wanted to paten it since it's yours and could benefit others.

And I do like what you have done .. I am  looking for one I could wear during the daytime but definitely will remember this for nighttime .. I really appreciate all your help and sharing with me 😁 thank you

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If you decide you want the 2 guards that I don’t use, let me know. We’ll figure out how to get them to you. Like I said, you’ll need to figure the belt part out but you could make your own or buy a replacement belt from the company. 

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I wish my stoma could be moved higher or lower. They did my urostomy when I was 16 and was not fully developed and it is my waistline. I have dealt with it for 51 years but it would be nice to have moved. 

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I am really sorry it's so low...

Mine had to be moved it was such a poor site and  it retracted then I had a revision and it retracted agian, and I could feel my intestines pull and tug so it had to be completely moved.

Do you have leaks and trouble with where yours is at ?


I found out through Edge Park that  it isn't covered under Medicare. They told me that I would need to pay $22.54 for a package of 100. Hope that helps.



I answered before thinking you were looking for a stoma guide and not a stoma guard.

I have used stoma guides for almost 50 years. Edgepark sell them for $22.54.


Renando ,

It's ok I appreciate you reaching out anyways 😁


Hi Beth, so my question to you is ... what are you wanting protection from? Seat belts? Roller Coasters? Kick boxing? What have you tried?  There are numerous stoma guards available in the market but unfortunately are not covered by insurance in USA.  Your stoma is located very high so I don't imagine that your waistband is hitting the stoma. If you feel like you keep bumping it - consider the Stoma Dome - it's a little plastic shell that attaches to the pouch with velcro. One thing I would suggest is to consider wearing your pouch sideways and using either a Stealthbelt or a wrap to support your pouch. Good Luck! 

Certified Wound, Ostomy & Continence Nurse,Masters of Science in Nursing,Registered Nurse,
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Hi there,

I appreciate your feed back. I am looking to keep protected in general when I am out and about and anything I might do and I plan to get back to work once all healing is done.  Which I will get a hernia belt too . I have tried the stealthbelt unfortunately it didn't work for me... Yes it is high up it was just moved 6 weeks ago had a lot of problems with it lower... May I ask why you say sideways? I use a 2 piece adhesive system so I can't turn to empty it 

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Beth, get me your address and I’ll send you these StomaGuards. 


I have a Stoma Protech ( ) I find it a good thing to wear with snug fitting shorts.  I have less discomfort.  I wish I was wearing it when I was punched in the stoma area by a 200# dog. 

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AlexT don't you need them ?

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Ouch!! What your stoma got punch by a dog. What happened to your stoma?

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I just use the medium sized one and the belt. I can send you the large and small ones. You’ll have to figure a belt out but it’s just a simple elastic one. 


Hi everyone, it's six months now since my Colostomy and I almost feel as if my stoma and I have been together now for many years, I am almost at ease with the situation life has given me. Since my surgery i've read so many really important, interesting, helpful, life changing and quite emotional stories from members of this site who are obviously from all different walks of life and nationalities. However, in terms of living my own new stoma life, I am humble enough to know that my journey has only just begun and the way forward will not be without the plethora of twists and turns that these very pages have kept me up nights reading until the early hours of many mornings. Regardless of my advancing years, I am nothing more than a complete novice regarding helpful advice on the multilayored subject of stoma care, but what I do have is almost an endless catalogue of help and information here in these pages, so I thank you all in advance for the help and useful information I will most certainly need, not forgetting that which I have already had. 


I have had an ileostomy for almost 50 years & for 17 years played rugby 

I first made a guard from a shallow plastic tray which I attached to a belt which I always wear with my pouch

however it caused problems as it displaced easily, so I only tried it once & found that I didn’t get any injuries or damage around that srea

Good Luck

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