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Can anyone tell me about the green bile output?

I NOTICE a grass-green to emerald green color may be every other day. Is this normal?


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Not normal for me. Eat anything different?

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No.. I have my Gallbadder, surgeon did say a bit inflamed but no pain. I DO notice a lot of greenish output every 2-3 days. Have wondered but neglected to ask.

Finally found a flange that works terrific sealing around my stoma.. a blessing


I've had myileostomy for the past 2yrs and at times it's green or greenish brown and was told it was the way food breaks down ( more bile ) in the out put than foodhowever I don't have my gallbladder anymore and didn't have it when i got my ostomy. If this is something new for you I'd keep a eye out with your glabadder if it's inflamed.


Grape Kool-Aid will turn your output green, just an fyi.


Hello ginger

For me it's bile, usually see this when I haven't eaten much and are empty, often in the morning.

Glad to see you have conquered you appliance set up


Hi Ginger,Yes, it's probably bile. If food moves through your system too quickly, sometimes the liver doesn't have time to break down the bile in your stool, and it comes out green. Nothing to worry about.



I have had green output before but not every other day. I tend to not worry too much about it, I just think atleast my body is getting rid of it. Sometimes I even think it is funny. I have had all sorts of colors of output. I drank a blue power ade and had blue output. I have had swirls of different shades of green and different shades of brown. If you are in pain when this happens I say ask your doctor, but if you are feeling okay, just chuck it up to your stoma doing it's job.


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