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Ostomy Output Consistency Scale


I thought this was interesting. 🤓 It would be a good reference tool to have with you when talking to your healthcare provider trying to describe what your output is like. There are pictures and everything! 😎💩

I will try to link it in here. It is from the Academic Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology. Output Consistency Scale to Standardize Ostomate Output.

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Geez, I hope I never have any Type A.  It looks like malted milk balls, which I happen to love.  

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😅 I love them too. I wish they had of used a different picture. 😬 


Very interesting and helpful, Sally. I downloaded it and will use as reference. Henry, very funny!


I’ve only had A-E, except when prepping for a colonoscopy. 


F-I for a ileostomy for sure! A looks kinda scary 😨 😬 😳 OUCH !

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The study was done at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I thought maybe you were one of the participants. 🧐💩

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Rabbit turds Lol 🐇💩

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🤷‍♂️. I did participate in a research thing but  labeling my poop was never a question. And since I think I’m the only ostomate in Nebraska, you’d think they’d want my input( or output in this case). 😁 

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Ya would think eh? 🤔🤓 I'm sure you are a stellar subject. 💩


Hello SallyK.

Thanks for posting this link. Personally, I couldn't relate to most of it, but it puts me in mind of the Bristol stool chart I used to use before I had a stoma  - when I when incontinent in the 1990's. I have found a link to this:…  I used to have to use the chart for describing the output to the incontinence-nurses of the time.
I found if I googled Bristol faeces chart , it came up with a whole range of modern graphics for this same scale. What could  be described as 'shit-art'? 

Best wishes


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 'shit-art' LOL 💩

Reminds me of the time when my son was 4 years old and made a beautiful flower for mommy out of his poop. Brown playdoh. LOL He is 31 now and hates when I tell that story. 😅

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Sounds like a great nickname (re: Henry’s post) for a stoma:


kinda has a ring to it😉


Must be pronounced Scha- tart if female !   

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B-I for me. Also am ileostomy 😁

In UK they mostly use types of chocolate products for the poo scale😂

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Well when I was a werdio with a functioning bottom 🐇 💩 was always an Ouch! I CAN ONLY IMAGINE now that i have special powers in the front how bad that must feel 😨


I'm an ileo and Shoot I run from c,d,e,f lol .. alot of d  ..which isn't easy trying to empty  

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Surely that would be she-tart

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Hmmmmm maybe it’s French or Southern?


Thanks for the link. At least I know now there are different types of output, and that most are considered "normal". I have a recent ileostomy (under 3 months) and have been E-I. Love the thread, If we can't laugh what's the point? Anyways, happy I found this site. Feeling alone has been the worst part!

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Welcome 😊  I totally understand about feeling alone. You are among 'Stoma Soulmates' here. (I can't remember who called us that but I love it!) 💗

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I am new but I too am in Nebraska.

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