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The forum discussion is about different methods and opinions on how to adjust seatbelts for individuals with ostomies.

I always seem to have trouble with my seatbelt. It always feels tight so I am always pulling at it to make it looser on me. I was googling to see what other ostomates do. Here is what I have so far:

· Use a headrest around your stoma, under the seatbelt, with the opening facing down (so output can still travel to the bottom of your pouch without being blocked). This is kind of bulky, but it can provide some relief.

· Take a towel, your jacket, or some other flexible but somewhat thick item to place between your seatbelt and your body, giving your ostomy some room to breathe.

· Place a clothespin near the retraction slot to relieve tension on the belt (suggested by UOAA)

· There's an accessory made specifically for this purpose. OCC Seatbelt Protector by the Ostomy Clothing Company.

(I'm not sure if these seatbelt adjustments are legal, so please drive at your own risk if you choose to modify your seatbelt.)

I would love to hear what others do.

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I put the seatbelt on and drive. &zwj

How to Use Adapt Stoma Powder | Hollister

I use a clip similar to the one doesn't really loosen the belt but it does allow me to move it so the belt doesn't interfere with Vesuvius. There may be a way to "MacGyver" it to keep the belt from pulling tight. I'd go check it out for you but it's dark and cold out there - where it's currently 63 degrees. jb

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Thanks JB. Stay warm.


Hi Sally when my stoma was on my right side i used the clip on the seat belt at the top to keep it from retracting, but now with it on my left i buckle up and go.

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That's a good idea to put a clip so it doesn't retract.

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I removed my seat belt. It's probably against the law but think of what would happen in a accident if that tightens.

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Personally, I'd rather have an issue with the seatbelt injuring my stoma in an accident rather than dealing with the injuries that might happen without being restrained, but to each their own.


I got tired of cops pulling me over for me not wearing my seatbelt, then showing them my stoma, and watching them get all embarrassed and now I just pull the belt all the way out and wrap it over my right knee. This way they still see the shoulder belt and think I'm wearing it.....which I am.......and there's no pressure on my stoma. Nothing I tried that covered my bag kept the belt from tightening over time and making a huge mess if I didn't catch it in time. People with less liquid outputs can probably use those aids just fine.



I wear my seatbelt and don't even consider that it's there. Although it's a good idea to protect your stoma, it is actually quite durable. I play volleyball and I often find myself diving to save a ball from hitting the ground. If I'm diving I do think to protect it if I can but sometimes it's not possible and I risk getting injured elsewhere. I must have landed on my stoma over a hundred times and my stoma hasn't changed one bit.

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If your ostomy doesn't have a name may I suggest:

ACE or perhaps Ace de'face ? ;(deface)

Just kidding, humor me - this is how I entertain myself over coffee time in the morning. jb


I put a small travel pillow over my waist to cover my stoma, then attach the seatbelt over it.

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I just ordered a stomadome. You can use it with the adhesive strips or just have it rest over your stoma under the seatbelt.


I don't wear mine. Police said my surgeon can give me a written notice. My surgeon said he would write a note. I've shown my stoma to the officer and gave me a warning talk. Then end.

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