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Illeostomy reversal but only have small bowel left


Is there anyone on here that has had an illeostomy reversal but only has little bowel left, just wondering if toilet urgency is bad.

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Hi! Are they doing a J-pouch or another type of reversal? I have an ileorectalanastomosis.  I am NOT textbook and no have no issues with bathroom urgency or anything. I think it also depends on the reason you had your colon removed. I'll follow up with your responses. 


In case I misunderstood your comment… are you saying you only have your small bowel left or you only have a little of the small bowel left?


Check on this site a couple people have had this done and suffered with burning anus due to only having the small bowel and the output is really harsh on a bottom, and lots of bowel movements. Do lots of research first.


Hi miranda,

  I think you're asking if they reconnect your small bowel to your rectum (with no colon in between)........will there be an increase in urgency to find a toilet.  If so, then yes, there sure will be.  Everyone's mileage will vary, but your colon is primarily there to absorb the remaining liquid from your stool and compact what's left.  Without it all that unabsorbed liquid will still be there and there won't be any place to store it.  So you'll want to......and need to........use the toilet more often.  How often really depends on your eating habits and the condition of your small bowel.  And of course your sphincter muscle must still be intact and functioning in your ass.  As Maried mentioned above, your butt isn't well prepared to deal with frequent liquid stool, so you could develop skin irritation in that area.  Most in the situation you're describing don't get reversed because of quality of life issues.  But the good news is they can always reverse the reversal.  Not fun, but at least you'll have an option.  




Why did they do the ileostomy?  I assume you also had a colectomy?  Do you have any rectum left?  w30bob posted some wise information.  Commonly surgeons construct a reservoir out of small bowel in a variety of ways before they close an ileostomy.  If your surgeon is hooking small bowel to your anus/very low rectum there can be a lot of problems with doing that.  You need to have a serious discussion with your surgeon to understand the anatomy and about the benefits and especially risks of ileostomy closure. 


Here's what John Hopkin's says my insides look like now ☺️

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I had a J-Pouch for 18 years after having my Colon removed, but I had 18 years of problems and accidents in the night. I decided 2 years ago to have a compleat Barby Butt and Ileostomy and it's been the best decision ever and I wish I had gone for the Ileostomy right from the start.

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I'm glad you are happy with your decision 😃

I think I'll be ok with going back to an ileostomy someday if needed- it was just really hard finding one that my sensitive skin was ok with. But after 8 systems I know there is one that works 😂

I know I was told to expect to have a lifelong relationship with my surgeon. I'm really thankful I was matched up with her. She's the Dr I needed for all this. 


I have a reconnection coming up from an ileostomy where there is no colon.  My surgeon has stretched parts of my small bowel to "create" a type of colon.  This is all very scary as everyone's body has a different response to each phase of the process.  This conversation has been really helpful.  There is so much that can be challenging; I appreciate the firsthand experience discussion so very much.  Thank you to all who contribute! 

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