Concerns about Greenish Output and Stomach Pain


Hi all, my output has been greenish and a slimy-looking texture the past day and a half. I've also been experiencing a slight stomach pain and I've been feeling overall not so great, very fatigued. I'm also still just 2 months post-op, I'm wondering if I just have a bug or if it's something else?


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Usually all green-looking material is either stomach bile or something you ate.


It also could be signs of being dehydrated as all your fluids are going into your bag, and not being absorbed by your body. Try to eat starchy foods at least 3 times a day, and eat little meals throughout the day. This worked for me and helped firm up my discharge into my pouch. If you need more info, please reach out to me. I was where you are for 1 1/2 months after the procedure and was moderately to severely dehydrated, and needed to get IV fluids. If you aren't feeling 100% achy, tired, etc., that could be it. Have you had labs done lately? That could tell your doctor more information also.


For me, it's bile when you haven't eaten much or stomach is empty, usually seen in the morning.

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I have an ileostomy and output almost always is the direct result of input - I once posted on here under the title

"50 Shades of Green"

I have come to learn white wine turns a lovely shade of green as it gets bagged (possible double entendre here)

I have also had pain but usually passes within a reasonable amount of time - I think it's a gas bubble - with spikes


Are you hydrated enough? If not, fatigue will surely get to you.

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