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I can finally eat soft food

I had an appt with my surgeon and I can finally eat soft food.  Still on TPN until I can get to normal diet.  It is good to have something that taste good.  I have been getting stronger each day. Some days worse than others.  I will start back to work very part time as a teacher two days a week for just a few hours each day.  I will miss having my mother in law here helping. She has been a God Send.  Any suggestions from those who have an ileostomy on how slow or what to eat/not to eat.  I know no raw fruit or vegetables.
I can't wait to get off the TPN It has been almost a year now.

I pray things stay on the up and up.  God Willing.  

Maryland Gal
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Hi Maryland Gal,

You are right, no fresh fruit or veggies. Bananas might be OK after a while. No nuts, no seeds. No whole grains. Basically, try to refrain from eating any fiber or roughage. N carbonated drinks. Anyone want a quick trip to the ER? Eat popcorn, celery, and pineapple.

For me,  some very safe foods are: Ensure or Boost, pudding, custard, mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, cheese, and a wide variety of meat and poultry fixed simply.

Take care,

Hi MarlilynGal...Ya, Gypsy is right...mostly soft foods. Once in awhile, I cheat and get me a burger(mostly because I enjoy visiting the Sesamie Seeds later!) and I DO NOT get near any Fiber or Seeds(Large ones) It will take some experimenting, but yer on the right track!
YAY! Great to hear you are on the men, Maryland Gal!

A word to the wise - fresh pineapple will stop up a colostomy too!  I wouldn't even TRY celery!     Wink
A word to the wise - fresh pineapple will stop up a colostomy too!  

Ummmm - just had a thought ..... I had been eating some fresh pineapple the night before I dialled for an ambulance last weekend ..... wonder if that was what was causing me all the trouble and pain?

I am obviously not very wise! (BUT it WAS nice .....)

Rach xxx

celery's never caused me any problems but  pineapple is the only thing I can't eat it always cause's "The blockage from hell" . I LOVE pineapple, I should know better last time I was in hospital I had some the day before I was supposed to come home, I had to stay in for another 3 days because of the blockage!
My ileostomy is over 2 years. I do eat celery, but I take out the strings first and chew chew chew. I also LOVE pineapple, I use just the juice. I am very careful with olives due to the occasional pit. I dislike seeds so they arent an issue for me. I am very careful with broccoli and the cabbage family due to the gas/fiber. My favorite is salad, again I chew chew chew.
You will get to know the foods to avoid and the ones that are "safe" I ate a lot of scrambled eggs and mashed potatos the first year too! yep yep sesame seeds are kinda wild...lex
I had soft french fries, no skin and some chocolate shake today. It taste so good.  I think I have been doing to much. I went to the Renaissance Festival on Sat and was wiped out and so tired on Sunday all I did was rest and sleep.  Today I went the MD State Fair. My son who has disabilities went with us and his nurse took him on two rides.  I got very light headed and had to trent a scooter.  It worked great.  I will rest and sleep well tonight I hope.  The pain has been doing pretty good.  I only had to take it once so far today.  Praise God.  Thanks for all your support and advise.  I hope to keep up the good news and encourage others.  

Maryland Gal
Hi Maryland Gal,

My ileostomy is 3 years old. I have pretty well adjusted to almost all foods. I love pineapple but stay away from celery and anything with seeds for fear of a blockage. The important thing is to chew everything well.
You certainly are being active so soon. Try not to push yourself to fast. Everything will become easier with time.

Glad to know that you are getting better. Keep up the good work.

Lots of best wishes to you.


Hi, all the suggestions are correct, but one thing that hasn't been mentioned is DRINK LOTS, AND LOTS, OF FLUIDS!!!! I have had my illeostomy for 30 years, and only have had one issue.  I eat just about anything, but make sure to drink, drink, drink!!!!!
I never realized that about pineapple, but on Sunday I ate some and I've been down with a blockage type pain ever since. Thanks for that info. T
Pineapple was one of my staples when I had colitis-like problems after colorectal cancer surgery.  Then after getting the permanent colostomy I now can't take more than a bit or two of fresh pineapple.  Canned is not a problem (I think it must be cooked somewhat).  I've noticed that many things that give me problems (berries, veggies, etc) are much less of a problem in their COOKED form.

Does anyone out there has issues with gluten?  I have big problems with pancakes made in restaurants (but not waffles) and commercially prepared cakes! But not bread - so no one can tell me what the issue is.  Bummer!   Sad
Had my ileostomy since 9/2010 and I am so fortunate that I can eat anything and it hasn't bothered me so far. At first I was very careful but no problem with popcorn, nuts, pineapple, cabbage, soda's, etc. I've only had one scare for about four hours nothing came out o the stoma but had some hot tea & it started right up again. Take it easy for awhile until you see what you can & cannot tolerate but like everyone else said, drink, drink drink while you're eating!
Good Luck,
Sorry about that - I've had my ileostomy for 1 yr! 9/2009 - must have affected my brain!
I had a problem with bread for many years prior to the chrons diagnosis.  Still do I am afraid.  I have to be really careful about it.  I use a gas preventative if I am going to have a sandwich or anything that is bread including pancakes.  I had my surgery in February of 2010.  I am so much better off but still have challenges.  Drink plenty of fluids every day but sometimes I still have issues.  Last night I had cramps in my feet on and off all night.  Didn't sleep much so pretty zapped today.  
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