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Hi I'm looking to talk to more people that irrigate. I have been irrigating for 3 yrs but since my stoma hernia last year I have been having trouble.
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Hi boss - what's the trouble?     
I have been irrigating about 12 years, also have a small hernia, and find sometimes I have to irrigate twice.  I find using very hot ( as opposed to lukewarm) helps the process.
Hi there Pinky, I have been irrigating for 3 yrs now and love the freedom it used to give me. I had a parastomal hernia repaired last April ever since then I have been having trouble with the output. My dr thinks the mess made the opening smaller and that"s why I am having trouble. I irrigate today and by 11am tomorrow my bag starts to fill up. Before the surgery I went to days before irrigating. I also use miralax twice a day. Something is stopping it from coming out when irrigating but not by itself. Any ideas??
Thanks Diamond I'll do thant next time. Thanks again
I have a small hernia too, and I find the first 500 cc of water is slow to go in, but once it's past "the hump" it flows in freely.  I use 1.5 liters of warm water (I like the temperature gauge on the Coloplast kit).

Hope Mild Mannered Superhero sees this.  He has been a wealth of info on irrigating.  I still have to do it every 24 hours (since June 2009) but he and some others go 2-3 days between irrigations.

Good luck, my friend!     
I guess I'm lucky I don't irragate I have very high output so wouldn't do me any good I'd like to get down to under 20/30 times a day emptying my bag

Hi Boss,

I have been irrigating about 5 years now, and I do not have a hernia.  Mine goes very well, and I irrigate each morning, even though I have gone nearly two days on many occasion when I am awahy from home.  I just like to irrigate each day, and it only takes me about 30 minutes, and that's it.

You stated you went two days.  You might wish to irrigate each day, and see if that helps some.
Just a thought, and maybe it will help you.
Thanks for your input

Hi Boss... I also irrigate...have only been doing it for about 2 months but am so makes me feel almost like it was before the colostomy. I know some people are unable to do it and I am thankful that I can. I hope you're doing well and continue to do so! 

:) CH

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