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I read recently in publication from Charter in the Uk. That there seems to be a system called irrigation which means spending 30 minitues in the bathroom and then your bowel is clear for almost 24 hrs, allowing you to do almost anything, until I suppose you have to visit the bathroom again.Has anyone any idea how this system works, I would be intrested to find out.
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irrigation works if remaining colon is in good health. i use it and it works great. heres a link that will explain quite a bit.
hi irrigation seems to be frowned upon with some stn 's and i cant use it wrong disease lol dont anyone there get an ostomy magazine every 4 months great reading and you would have known about it for many years..But be careful if u have had any crohns diverticulitis all those u cant irrigate so bummer haha for me  xx

I'm somewhat new to the irrigation scene and have yet to achieve the ideal no output for 24 hours, but i am still plugging away at it.

even if i never get to that point, i'd rather have what little output i do get on a daily basis now that i irrigate then if i were not irrigating.

Any other 'gators out there?
Hey Sinful - It might take a while to achieve 1, 2 or even 3 days between irrigations.

Mild Mannered Superhero has had good success with his.  For some reason men seem to be able to go longer between irrigations.  Depends what you eat.  Low fiber intake lets you go longer in between times.

I think it's a great alternative!       

me too. I think i might be onto something. and i am awaiting final returns as i type this.
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